Symmetra losing her purpose hurts a lot

She provides team wide teleport. She has a reason. Its just hee in combat battle prowess is sort of easily countered, hard to enable and is outshined in what she does. Turrets take a bit too long to charge and the ramp up damage is useless 6 seconds of aim to get decent damage where the same amount of tracking for other heroes in less then that time leads to higher burst/ kill potentials and sustain. Her kill potential seems reliant on either her cds or to orb heroes when they are fighting someone else. Its hard to hit someone who is aware of you Ive noticed.

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I suggest you play with high sensitivity. And play Winston.

I think some of you have a little too much nostalgia. I’ve liked playing all of Sym’s various forms and I hate to break it to you, but literally none of them were good. At least 3.0 has the potential to be good with some changes. If Sym was ever viable than some of the pro teams would’ve picked her up. She was used what? Twice by Korea in her entire 2ish year run?

How effective you were with the other versions of Sym had more to do with the enemy’s skill and teamwork at your rank than anything you did as Symmetra. Why? Shouldn’t it have more to do with how good you the player are? What was the point of old Symmetra if I couldn’t take her in comp at the 2500 range without thinking “X hero would be better here?.” 2500 isn’t even that high.


Sym is basically a taxi now

Wasn’t sym always a taxi?
People used her on the first point defense because of her teleporter, then switched of her If they started losing.

No in 2.0 she wasnt just a taxi,. Sym had more to offer than just tping them to the point. She was able to create a shield gen to make the team tankier and deploy shields against random fire, protecting vulnerable squishies.


… oh girl you did it xD

Primary lockon removed replaced with a large frontal cone damage buffed from 30-60-120 to 60-90-120 10m ramps with 1sec. (people can no longer moan she doesn’t need aim and as such the beam becomes slightly more powerful)

Secondary 100 damage current speed 1sec charge if however you charge it for one additional half a second it gains 50 damage and pierce. (this will allow Sym to secure kills with a half orb or push with full piercing orbs she has the choice)

Turrets damage reduced to 20 damage each, can still be thrown, 6 turrets, turrets now slow a hero down by 1/3rd of their movement speed on their own, but the slow cannot stack, turrets will now prioritize attacking different targets to slow as many of the enemy team at once to make them more utility based, Unless Symmmetras primary connects to an enemy the turret is in range of in which case all turrets in range of the target will snap to said target similar to torbs turret. (turrets now work to slow the enemy unless they get into a nest with Sym where she can force them to all attack the same target, their damage is reduced slightly for the slow buff and some of it to be put into her primary)

E barrier is largely the same tweak to its shape to make it more of a semi circle with a lip at the top, Sym can now stop and start her barrier so she can get the full value of the damage it can block and can now fill the role of a off-tank or even a main tank. (Being able to fill the role of a Rein or Orisa would allow Sym to support her team and would aid in swinging community perception of her as she would always be bringing something to the fight in the form of protection)

Ult Shield gen now only gives 50 shield hp its range is buffed slightly and cost reduced slightly, alt ult current barrier maybe a bit weaker for faster charging. (this will give Sym the ability to get instant short value or long term value from her SG)

The reduction of 25hp from her SG now goes into her new passive Symmetra will now passively generate shield hp on all allies within her aura effect 20m this will constantly generate shield hp at the rate of 15hp a second it will cap at 25. (this will allow Sym to constantly provide a buffer of hp to blunt attacks her allies take making it easier for the healers to keep up.

New F trigger allows Sym to implode her turrets or shield generator for half their cost 5 seconds for turrets and 50% ult charge for the generator this is to allow Sym to re-position her out of place items. turrets can only be imploded if they haven’t been active for 5sec and shield generator can only be imploded if it hasn’t been attacked for 20sec to prevent abuse of the ability.

This would secure Symmetras place as a strong piece of the team and turn her into a support with tank like abilities instead of having a large health pool she increases the health of her team as a whole. creating space with her orbs, securing areas with her turrets, protecting healers from flankers with her primary, and shielding her team with her barrier.


I love…everything about this.

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Thank you darling i aim to please :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had a list. Expand the quote to read it all.

Yup. She is the worst DPS and hero in the game. There’s literally no situation whatsoever that would ever warrant playing her when literally every other DPS in the game is a better choice.

Those who were good with Symmetra 2.0 and before played her sneaky preparing flanks when the enemy team died. Of course the meta changed in time, but before she was lethal if played well. She was still F tier, but her potential taking out distracted heroes with auto lock made sure a win happened or close to one.

Ever since she lost her potential a lot of bravado players gotten close to her quarters without fear because of primary no longer auto locks. What players keep forgetting her primary takes awhile to charge even longer now even if you aim well. The enemy who has a gun type can aim well too granting them head shot bonuses. Primary beam cannot do head shots for the fact that’s why it was created in the first place and being unique, but that never crossed their mind.

They were too focus on getting killed by auto lock.

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90% of the time that was a bad idea. If they were doing this with any real consistency, they weren’t good with 2.0 at all.


Yeah that’s not true at all. Even if you think about first point defense only I can name plenty of times where the team asks if anyone knows sym. I have never had any team since her last rework ask for a sym.

Sym 2.0 was a hero that if you had great gamesense and positioning you could easily justify them over another hero especially if you had poor aiming

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erh wrong, reading respawn times was a key part of playing Sym knowing when it was safe to set a trap up along pathways shows how little you know about her.


This reminds me of an old post I made awhile back and people are starting to see it as well. Symmetra’s rework feels more like a rearrange.

Symmetra lost more than she gained. Mercy and Hanzo didn’t lose anything off their reworks besides a concept of their moves and gained a lot more. I’ll say Mercy is a different topic now compared to when she was first released though.

Hanzo lost Scatter Arrow but gained a more consistent ability on top of gaining a new ability with increased arrow speed.

Mercy didn’t really lose any concepts of her abilities except rezing 5 people at once but gained way more and her ult became an ability.

When it comes to Symmetra she lost

  • Shield Generator
  • Piercing Orbs
  • 3 Turrets
  • Self-Sustain
  • 30 ammo in clip size
  • Ultimate Duration Up Time
  • Consistent Weapon

Her Primary Fire was her most consistent damaging tool besides turrets but was changed because it gave the excuse for devs to change it because of people complaining about her auto-lock gun even though she needed it considering she was the worst hero in the game. The newer gun may charge off of shields and gain ammo back she has no way to maintain that gun because she will instantly be wiped out if people see her doing that so the situation of her using that is barely there. Also having less ammo means you’re reloading more often especially since it doesn’t auto lock.

Shield Generator gave Symmetra and her team 75 regenerating shield health which gave Symmetra the sustain to survive a bit more since 175 HP of her health was shields but now she lost it on top of losing Photon Barrier as an ability which dropped her sustain even more along with not having the auto lock gun to save her or any mobility at all as a makeup.

The newer turrets are easier to set now and have a small amount of HP but the overall area denial of them have been nerf. But considering these new turrets are more annoying I can see why she doesn’t have 6 but overall its a nerf especially when the cooldown doesn’t make up for extra 3 turrets you lost. When it comes to the piercing orbs they may have been slow but it forced standing chokes to move out the way and since she doesn’t have them all she’s left with is shooting orbs like she’s junkrat but with less fall off damage. So she plays like a terrible Junkrat.

The only real positive Symmetra gain is the Teleporter allowing cool ideas and new team strategies and a little mobility but its start up time of setting up is its only problem.

Overall Symmetra received a net nerf and was put into the damage category where she can’t keep up with the other dps.

The irony of this all is that she did more damage when she was a Support Hero and now she’s more of a Support Hero than ever before who’s a Damage Hero now lol.


… Alright. Sure.
It’s a viable consistent strategy at maybe Diamond, and is very inconsistently viable at Masters/GM. Viable. As in, it works. But nowhere near the best strategy. That’s the best I’ll give you.

Too weak for higher level players.
It’s worse than her current one.

Would make it way to strong.
You could kill tracer with a single orb, behind a barrier.

So a lot weaker than currently…

Is too powerful.

Also to powerful.

To powerful.

This would make symmetra a better pick than orisa, reinhardt, lucio, etc…
It would be way to strong.

Those that need mobility already have it, and thus don’t need to rely on such an awkward and slow teleporter. Who does this benefit? Maybe Ana? Probably not much else, barring very specific point attacks on 2CP, but uh… That’s no diffferent from 2.0.

With a single 15 second stationary barrier ult as opposed to a persisting 75 HP boost to the entire team on top of a non-ult barrier.

Turrets die faster than ever and Symm’s M1 isn’t any relevant threat anymore, so she lost the area she denies around herself.

With what? Symm 2.0’s area control was much stronger and provided more safety to her teammates.


Bastion? Orisa? Reinhardt?

And turrets, and her self.

Actually, no. They don’t.

With her weaker beam, weaker orbs, weaker turrets?