Sym teleporting her turrets

Your so dense. it is an exploit because the turrets are being move in a unintensinal way. the idea of Sym throwing her turrets into the TP what the Devs had in mind, not pre arming them to get out the max DMG and slow instantly.


a software tool designed to take advantage of a flaw in a computer system

Being able to teleport things from Sym’s tp is not an exploit by any means when the devs clearly stated that she can intentionally do this.


Then WHY would the devs SPECIFICALLY SAY, “With Symmetra’s new Teleporter, you can teleport things like Turrets, R.I.P.-Tire, and D.Va Bombs”


And, unless I’m mistaken, the TP doesn’t even teleport Sym turrets if they fly through, I could be wrong about that, but I’m pretty sure I’m not


who said this? She can teleport bomb and torb turret, it was presented as feature. Just shoot them.


How do you know its unintentional I highly doubt during all that testing not a single dev threw a turret on the floor and teleported it, unless are you on the dev team did you know this never happened did you know it wasnt intentional because of it? Of course not, you’re not the judge of whats intentional

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It’s intended. Not an exploit.

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Omg I’ve been telling you this.

What was intended Symmetra throws turret into teleported to move it quicker

what it was not meant to do symmetra stands in one spot throws down all sentries the spawns a teleporter to move all sentres, one on top of the other so it looks like one sentry as well as being stuck in the base of the teleporter which makes it hard to see*

I’m still waiting for them to fix that inside walls bug


How do you know its not intended tell me. How. Do. You. Know.


I’m gonna tell you what OP. I’m going to get on Overwatch and see first off if the TP will even transport turrets when they are thrown through it.

You don’t even know what the devs intended for it though. It’s literall a FEATURE of the TP

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If you could manage to be less of a whiny brat… No, you did not tell. You just claim it’s an exploit without reasoning. Despite the turrets still having to take the exact same amount of time to ready either way. Nothing is being changed by warping them and unless you can prove otherwise, it’s not an exploit. Learn what it means or hush.


you hush. It’s so clearly not what it’s meant to do.

Your ideas are nerfing the worst hero in the game. THATS a joke.


It does. It allows you to do some really neat things cause they warp through with the same trajectory. Use it to shoot turrets around corners often.

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I can only take so much stupidity in one night.

“Stupidity is not a right.”

I’ll be back with what I find out, but then I’m ignoring this troll thread


It’s still not an exploit. It’s just using what they gave you. You can’t say ‘it wasn’t meant to do this’ unless you have actual evidence to support that claim.

Also, here’s the definition of video game exploit:

In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers.

And I’m pretty sure this doesn’t fit that criteria.

Oh my god, they’re bringing up valid points and asking relevant questions, so you say ‘you hush, I’m right’


Why not…?

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I’ve given my point and my proof. as more proof you can’t teleport the sentry’s if the spawn on the ground.

You have to place them on a wall and have the teleporter spawn just under them.

The sentries are not meant to be inside the TP model

He clearly doesn’t have the reaction time or awareness to turn and left click on the turrets before they melt him. So he’s begging for a nerf here