Sym teleporting her turrets

This should not be a thing that her turrets can pass through her teleporter

What she does is place her turrets all in one place the spawns a teleporter on top of them causing the all to be moved and instantly deployed


Why exactly should it not be a thing?


Because it’s an exploit, a way to move her sentry in with out having to worry about their set up time.

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It’s not an exploit, the turrets still have to arm themselves. The Teleporter just moves them, the same way it can for RIP-Tire, Torb turrets and a D.Va bomb. Symmetra isn’t OP in any way shape and or form

The devs LITERALLY said this would be a feature of the new Teleporter


no no you have it wrong. Sym can place her turrets on the ground and pre arm them then spawn the Tp on top of them letting them move and start firing instantly, all 3 turrets on one location.

Also when at all did I say she was OP! don’t make this post about something it’s not.

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Ok…so the turrets are armed and ready, then Sym teleports them. Still not an exploit


Yes, yes it is an exploit.

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The sheer idiocy…how EXACTLY is it an exploit? Mechanics are not being abused, map geometry is not being abused, WHAT is being exploited?


I think the teleporter turret thing is a gimmick its not right in most situations to do that.


I mean if you can throw a MC Turret behind the team that’s be useful

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Its an exploit this is literally one of the thing they advertised was that you could teleport turrets


The devs LITERALLY said one of the features of the new TP would be its ability to move things like turrets, R.I.P.-Tires and D.Va bombs. It is NOT AN EXPLOIT


if you shoot your turret through it then yes that’s how it is meant to be used but shooting all three turrets at the ground, letting them set up then teleporting them in, that’s not ok

Guess you’re saying Torb shouldn’t be allowed to TP his turret either then?


Thats not okay in your opinion, and because it isnt okay in YOUR opinion its an exploit even though it clearly isnt


Oh, you know you can’t argue with someone when they pull out ‘if you could just use a few brain cells’


Don’t think it’s an exploit. It’s the same as teleporting a turret and D.Va Meka Ult. Why should it be different for Sym’s sentries? :thinking:


His turret isn’t hidden by the teleporter model with it TPs in so it’s fine, you can’t see Syms turrets when she does this.

You cant see them good thing they have a giant im right here laser and can still destroy them without destroying tp

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Nope, that’s not how it works. If one thing is an ‘exploit’ then anything like it is also an exploit. You understand?

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