Sym still gets no quality of life buffs

Whilst Mercy gets another host of quality of life buffs.

Basic quality of life buffs Sym should get:

  1. New hero option: Photon Barrier defaults vertical (the best way to use it 9/10 times).

  2. Teleporter no longer cancels if player attempts to place it in an invalid location. With this change she should be able to spam the placement key just like Reaper can with his TP.

  3. Teleporter cooldown refunded if it is destroyed by the environment. There is a bug we’ve been preaching about for years where TP kills itself for NO REASON and we STILL don’t have a fix or AT LEAST a compensation. This is an example of it happening. A single location was fixed in a previous patch here.

This hero isn’t forgotten. She’s straight up ignored.


What QoL changes would you want for Sym?

Did you really click the thread and reply based on the title alone?

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