Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

This rework is for the Sym players who keep getting reported for playing a crap hero, and for the other players in the team who have to deal with a crap hero on their team.


Here we go. After Mercy and Hanzo, Sym mains will cry because their Hero will get out of F tiers x)

basically this rework is a middle finger to any Symmetra players (especially OTP) thinking they carry their team when in fact her design is so crappy that her whole team is obliged to play around her in order to succeed.

Current Symetra is butchering low skill tiers or low teamplay teams but she doesn’t counter a single hero and she’s hard countered by half the roster.
She has never been play in OWL because when you face a team with half coordination she can’t do anything.

No doubt she has her niche on the ladder and your rank proves it thus mainly because you seem to have a brain and swap for another healer when it’s necessary. But her design is a failure at every ranks and the source of many salt against Symetra (because she’s OP at low tiers) and against Symetra players (because she’s flip a coin in high ranks).

This rework is healthy for the game. Don’t complain about this please.
Seeing what we get with Mercy and Hanzo previously, no doubt she’ll be stupidly OP the 2 first months in order to make kids who like OPness (and spent their 2 last years spliting at Symetra players faces) discover the hero.


You can’t say Shen will be Moreno useful since it isn’t her

This isn’t symmetra

Who are you to decide what is and what is not Symetra -_-’ ?


Oh puh-LEASE. Save me the dramatics.

They’re bringing her more in-line to be more viable on more maps, its a good thing and it’s still Sym.


You missed my point

Why would I want her to come out of f tier if she emerges as a completely new hero

This is effectively deleting symmetra and releasing hero 28 with the same name as sym


That’s exactly what I want. A video game where every hero is playable on a competitive field and in esport.

I feel sorry for you if you prefer keeping an unbalance hero source of many salt rather than a brand new one (not exactly in fact) balanced.


Yes, everyone must flex so they get stomped by people who actually put time and effort into a few heroes instead of trying to play the entire roster.


To some degree, though, this should be unsurprising. Symmetra didn’t get enough play because people didn’t like how she played because, unless you were ungodly good with her, she sucked. Blizzard, I assume, wants her to see more gameplay, even if she doesn’t become a high-pick meta hero, which basically means they need to convince people who don’t play Symmetra that she’s suddenly going to be a good choice for them. So, yeah, they’re going to gear the rework toward the people who don’t play her but might play her given changes that appeal to them.

Not saying that this approach is right or wrong, just that it’s kinda stating the obvious when you consider where Symmetra is right now versus where it seems they’d like her to be.


This is literally deleting a hero that has been in game since launch

I didn’t spend hundreds of hours on this hero and rise to gm with her for her to be deleted


The suggestion about making her primary fire like Moira’s but with a smaller hitbox: it sounds like that’s what they said it would be anyway (albeit much shorter).

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I don’t think this would be enough.

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This happens literally every rework. Blizzard don’t care about keeping Symmetra mains happy. Just like they didn’t care about keeping Mercy or Hanzo mains happy with their rework.

What they care about is ensuring that Symmetra is reworked into a hero that actually works in the larger scale of the game.


Are you afraid you are gonna fall once you have to aim? Is that the problem here?


The sym rework is way Moreno potent then the Hanzo and mercy rework combined don’t even start with that

Both of those 2 still had there playstyle the same

They still played almost the same just with a new mechanic, the core of the heroes and their identity were still leftmost intact


Ah, I see autocorrect is just as helpful to you as it is to me.


I’ll probably climb with a 190 dps gun since luckily I can actually aim pretty well I just choose not to

But I want sym to feel like sym even if it means I won’t get top 500

Symm main here. I wanted my primary fire gutted, i wanted to keep my photon barrier, and i wanted my secondary fire speed increases, i also wanted turrets to have 25-30 hp and a bit of a rework on them. So i’m getting most of what i wanted honestly <.<


I swear I’m going to slit autocorrects throat


Since when where Hanzo mains unhappy with the rework.