Sym advocates: lend your voice here

My biggest annoyance with Sym rn is the game breaking glitch where her tp will self-destruct and not be refunded.

As long as the tp has countermeasures to prevent exploits, this will happen. The obvious solution is to simply refund the cooldown when this happens instead of trying to fix a bug that can never be fixed.

This is an emergency scenario for Sym that can lose games. Please lend your voice to this thread since reddit is given more attention than the official forums.


What if I’m an advocate for current sym, would my opinion be ignored and mass flagged or???

What kind of nonsensical offtopic comment is this


“opptopic” the topic is symmetra how is my reply off topic??? I like current symmetra, remove her turrets and buff her primary and she would be in a great spot.

To be honest even if we dont count the AMA, Reddit gets more grip than the official forums nowadays.

Lots of weird bugs for my favorite heroes. Good thing the Sombra hack bug was fixed on ptr. But the Mei one is still on live: Mei freeze causes hitboxes to get messed up beyond belief (With tons of video proof and analysis)

And now this with Sym :man_facepalming:


Yis, this has happened a few times for me too.

Irrelevant, but I want Symmetra’s CHUNKY hitboxes changed as well. They were justified back when she had the noodle beam, but now? It’s just unfair. I hope they acknowledge this in the AMA.


Keep the comments and upvotes going on that thread y’all, and don’t forget to get Sym noticed during the AMA! (I’ll be at work :frowning: )

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her hitbox is one of the biggest for no reason smh

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Must be a remnant from lockon to make her easier to aim at, but they haven’t adjusted it since.

OR hitboxes were an afterthought in the super casual design of OW.

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The topic is about Sym. However, the topic is not whether you like current Sym or if you want her primary buffed. Please read the post. The title is not the only source of information.


for anyone unsure of what this is about:

it’s about tp self destruct bug


I did read the post, lose the entitlement. There is no “game breaking” tp bug if you put it in the wrong spot it breaks oh no

Yeah and you lose her most important cooldown for the next 12 seconds. You came in here and clowned yourself but instead of owning up to your mistakes you tried to justify them in the dumbest way possible, lmfao.


THERE IS NO GAME BREAKING BUG a teleporter bug which just breaks it because YOU put it in stupid positions isn’t a “game breaking bug”

Just 2 random things I have to specificly ask you, OP.
Can you ask a question for me in the reddit AMA with the devs as I can’t as it’ll be 3 am where I live? It’s: Do you plan on experimenting with symmetra buffs?
Check your friend requests :blush:

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As for my voice- take it

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…Did you even watch the video or read the Reddit post at all?
The teleporter was placed on the other side of the Busan point so the team could potentially move past the shield setup, that ain’t a “stupid” position that’s how the game is played. Not many other heroes have dumb stuff happen like this aside from Sombra’s Hack randomly breaking at times (But even then at least it still doesn’t go on cooldown) and it doesn’t help that bugs like this tend to be on underperforming heroes to begin with cough Doomfist cough



So which is it? Is it balance because you can’t put it there? Or a bug that means it isn’t working and therefore is part of her kit that is not working and therefore broken?

This literally has nothing to do with

Or whether she is in

You read a title and then commented. Happens. But it’s pretty unfair to be mad about it at others.


I’ll do it! I’ll be at work but I have copypasted a question to be able to just pop it in through my phone.