Suspension for no reason

I was in queue for a ranked match and while i was browsing the new find group option, it glitched so it had the

Join. create group. Filter. Refresh. Search. Leader options displayed at the bottom and i couldnt get out of it. This happened while i was in skirmish while waiting for my ranked match. Only thing i could do was leave game completely, i come back and i have a 10 min comp suspension and lost a lot of sr. Thats not fair at all as i was still in skirmish and not a comp match. I should get my sr back.

Also symetra turrets on defense on dorado are going through walls and hitting players on attack at the top door while game is preparing to start.

Plz help thx

This greatly sounds like a connection disruption, when you disconnected, the search queue does not immediately stop and you were likely paired for a match while you were offline in that moment. Unfortunately penalties cannot be reversed. If this is happening frequently, make sure to stop playing Competitive and work to troubleshoot any connection issues.

If you have any video of this, make sure to share a link and all details in the bug report forum.

Its not a connection disruption when i left because the find group option was permanent on my screen and i couldnt perform any other functions in the game. I had clearly left while it still said searching for a game so there was nothing I did that was wrong