SUSPENDED because YOUR game is buggy and crashed when loading?

Okay this is complete nonsense.

So I load up a comp game, it goes to loading screen and gets STUCK there because the system cant connect people to the server. As the game is stuck, I wait for it to load but it never does. It then crashes to the title screen and when I go back to play, it tells me Im SUSPENDED for 9 minutes ?

Hhow IS THIS MY FAULT? If BLIZZARD’S server was UNABLE to connect players to a game WHY are we PENALIZED for this? If Blizzard cant afford to hire programmers who know what they are doing and set the game up properly to connect people then DONT PUNISH PLAYERS for it. This is freakin ridiculous and disgusting treatment of blizzard to paying customers.

I would like a Blizzard rep to PLEASE explain to me how Ovewatch failing to load players into a match server justifies PENALIZING the players who had no control over it. I wish this was a steam game so I could get a damn refund as Blizzard treats its customers like crap.

IVe honestly never seen a game company treat its paying customers this poorly.

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Nobody wants to hear you complain. Keep this to yourself, no one else wants this toxic environment in the forums.

This is a technical issue, I want Blizzard to be responsible for their actions and explain why I am getting punished because their game server could not connect players to it. The only thing toxic here is the fact that the game is punishing me for something that’s not my fault.

Live and learn buddy

Ourstanding attitude you got there, I guess if you lived in Germany in the 30’s, you would’ve been telling people that complained about Hitler to “keep your mouth shut and let live”.

There is a point at which it is not only justifiable but imperative to speak out against wrongdoing and I have every right to voice my opinion on something that factually occured to me. If you don’t like it, don’t read the threads and don’t go into a forum DESIGNED for people to report ISSUES with the game.

Dont try and twist my words and bring up politic stuff in here, I’m just strolling along in the forums. Cool your jets buddy.

You are the one who attacked me and now you are trying to make it seem like you had nothing to do with it.
Ridiculous. Go find someone else to troll.

What ever makes this arguement stop.

If you look at the stickies you will see a blue post explaining this:

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