Survey: What is YOUR opinion on Symmetra?

The survey is now closed!

Here is the follow up thread going over responses:


One of the responses has made an extremely valid point:

I really want her old beam back. She was the only high impact character that didn’t need to aim. I have [disabilities I won’t out] so now playing my favorite character physically hurts me. I keep getting told to just play mercy or rein which is invalidating and frankly rude. Overwatch profited massively on disabled players, parading about how inclusive their game is yet ignore their feedback entirely.

Symmetra was a very popular character amongst disabled members of the community, and I remember posts discussing how much harder the new beam is for these players to aim with. Even more so now that they’ve almost halved the width of the beam.


I wonder if they’ll ever consider our opinions

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I really enjoy her
That’s my opjnion

I’m glad you still enjoy her! Have you responded to the survey? I will make a follow up post tomorrow and I would appreciate the data.


Just did now.

I don’t play a ton of her but sometimes there’s great opportunities and she performs really well.

Imo her current kit you can’t buff

But you could rework her.

I like her as is…
I also feel like people don’t do enough random charge alt fire spam to make the damage and orbs unpredictable.

Asking most non-Sym mains is literally just asking to get ‘‘well she killed me once with her Anti Fun Beam while I was trying and failing to kill her with Genji!!1!! Delete!!!’’ opinions over and over again.


That’s what I expected. However, so far, the responses are mature.
I’ve already ran a poll for Symmetra mains, which is why I don’t mind creating a seperate poll that includes non-Symmetra mains.

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I like playing her, I am smart enough to switch off if there is a Pharah/Echo though.

Not a mian.

Do we have a Victory pose with her gun yet? Do we have a highlight intro featuring her gun? Does she have a golden glove?

I think I’ve answered your question.


Echo is not a big deal for Sym. It’s Pharah’s CC from her Rocket that’s a bigger issue. Sym does well against Echo as her Turrets slow and catch her off guard.

As a pharah main I know how easy it is to render her useless.
I have had similar results with Echo but a much smaller sample size, so maybe not against a really good Sym yet.

Coming from a non symm main.

To keep things short and bitter, The goal of symmetra’s rework, ver Batum, was to make symmetra less niche, and more viable in a larger variety of situations.

In my opinion, they completely failed. I think the rework, overall, has left symmetra just as niche as before, however she feels and performs WORSE in that niche than she used to. It is, in my opinion the worst rework blizzard has ever released.

However, again this is coming from someone who doesn’t play her and never really has mained her, so yeah. Just my opinion.


I completely agree! I feel she was objectively better before, and a lot more fun to play.

I appreciate your feedback! It’s easy for me to think “x is right for Symmetra, because Symmetra mains said so”. But it’s important to consider the opinions of non-Symmetra players because they still need to play with Symmetra in their games.


I saw someone say that she’s was reworked into damage but is still balanced like a support

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I used to advocate for number buffs but the way the Devs have treated Symmetra since her massive round of nerfs around double shield I’d be very happy for her to come back to the support class.

But she would need to heal.

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I think Symmetra needs a new rework. Considering the power she has in the lore, a teleporter, turrets, and a projector gun, is a pretty lame execution of that. I mean, Symmetra and her light-bending practically makes her the Green Lantern of Overwatch, she should have some of the most creative abilities in the game.


I’ve seen this mentioned quite a lot. One of my responses has suggested adding shield generator as an alternative to current teleporter, which would solidify her role as a utility (supporty) DPS.

So you could pick between using TP or Shield Gen as a cooldown ability that lasts indefinitely.

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still don’t understand spamming this

however, the last question got me

i just want symmetra to be a real support hero

but supports still need to “heal”

even zen does, despite providing his utility

if it’s low hps, it just needs to be something to recover someone’s health, while you’re not actively trying to recover health

i think they did away with “supports don’t only heal” with symmetra for a reason, so if they wanna keep that going for them, her being a real support would mean she needs a way to keep an ally in a fight, or slowly topping someone up who’s in a really bad spot with low health

even if that means something ridiculous like converting their health pool/portion of it into shields, and she gets some way to activate shield health recovery through damage, either directly or indirectly

and as far as spamming the same response everywhere

i don’t believe constructs that are feast/famine mechanics that forces your enemies into a goose chase or some bamboozle spawn manipulation would be good for this game, so shield gen/old tp being gone should stay gone, at least in their previous iterations

they might be able to do something with them, but i don’t believe the way they worked before should return

lock-on beam is fine for a support hero, i literally don’t care about that, as long as they monitor how much damage it’s actually doing

her old photon barrier was meh
give it better mechanics and i’d like it
it was a placebo defense mechanic because she never knew any better defense, but the previous iteration was a bad skill on its own, like, beta-testing sigma’s current barrier
it had its strong uses, but so would any other ability, able to do basically the same thing, while offering more

While I adore her character and design, and some spent some decent degree of time with her, I’m definitely far from a Symmetra main. That said, from my perspective, her 3.0 rework has failed on all scores.

In moving her to DPS, Blizzard ended up changing her far more drastically than the changes that would’ve been necessary to make her a more functioning Support. Every part of her kit and weapon was heavily altered and the end result is more niche than ever, still highly supportive, and only truly used for the teleporter.

As I see it, Symmetra and the game as a whole (especially now post Echo) would benefit far more by returning her to Support with a new rework that combined her different versions together with a small amount of healing capability.