Supports are huge sitting ducks... More than ever

The patch notes brought so many bad news and it is less fun to play this role each terrible patch.


Who could’ve predicted that removing cc and an offtank would result in a permadive meta that forces supports to play one of three hypermobile supports?


5 more bullets in Mercy’s gun should fix the support role. Lol


Totally! And they keep the supports the same thing as in OW1 while dps and tanks gain new cool changes every patch. Idk… Losing all the hope in this company.


A decent amount of the forums.


Yes, right! OMG, I don’t know how to start on this BS.


Easy solution
dont do it
all season long
lets see how long it takes the devs to change feces up if noone can find a game cause no supoport players wants to play this fecesshow


I’m also playing dps and tank since season 1, but I like supp role - it’s like an abusive relationship: I just get beaten by the things I like and keep coming back because I don’t see another game with the same potential OW1 first 2 years had.


the only way to send a message is to stop playing support entirely


so you are a masochist…
and why do you come back to something that doesnt exist anymore??
the potential was there
and they failed to do feces with it
instead they slowly try to bleed this game dry like good hanged meat

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Probably I am. But on my defence, I’m just waiting for another game to fill the place. As soon as any company does that, I leave this game for good. The problem is all the games seems the same. It’s like a cartel of bad games, no alternative in AAA. I play indie games a lot and they are by far the best games I played until today, but all of them had an end. I need something that stays and stays balanced (and not a p2win).

You could give Gundam Evolution a try. I’ve been having some tech issues with it, but when it works it is fun. Also it’s free so no real risk in trying it out.

If PvE is more your thing, you could give Shatterline a try. That’s another pretty good hero shooter and is also free.


I saw Gundam gameplay, not my style. I want a PvP with good balance system and not kill-supports-driven adjustments. I just played OW and it felt so awful that I’m crying right now. It’s terrible to play supports, like a true nightmare. I think I’ll wait to next season to play and see if someone with some power at Blizzard gives a damn about people that play their games or if the game is just that trash p2w bs they turned into in OW2.

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If only we could actually get everyone on board. Getting people to stick to something is like herding cats.


You maybe also could give Paladins a try. Supports are less of a must kill there due to cauterize existing and them generally being very capable of doing a mix of running and fighting back.

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You can swap to your gun faster to use those extra bullets too!


My bet the solution for the devs is to remove one of the supports like they did with tanks…

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What permadive meta??? It’s been a sequence of rush metas since OW2 launched.

Anyways Mercy is good in dive meta.

She’s not.

Mercy can survive against dive, but her low output per second means that Dive is too fast for her. All her teammates will get shredded around her and she won’t be able to stop it.


Survival in dive is way more important than healing output. Evasion and mobility are what make dive metas, which Mercy is actually good at. At high levels of the game raw HPS matters less.

Well dive is pretty much just “whose DPS/support line gets shredded first,” so yeah.