Supports are…strong (?)

Hitscan vs projectile.

since majority of supports are projectile disadvantage.

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If you wanna pretend everything is black and white like that, go for it. Meanwhile supports have some of the best 1v1 heroes.

Supports are supports and not dps, why even play support if you have to dps majority of the time…

might aswell queue for dps instead higher damage aswell :clown_face:


Yeah, agree 100%

I feel like a large portion of the “support sucks and/or is boring!” Crowd are dps mains trying support or queing for fast ques and just never liked support in the first place.


^^^ case in point. Right here.

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Yes… Overwatch is first-person shooter. The player should 100% feel like the character they’re playing - the vehicle they’re driving - is fun. You mention balancing the two principles - self enjoyment and the enjoyment of others - but making heroes fun to play will negate the unfun aspect of versing certain heroes. Though, even this isn’t necessary. Playing against heroes isn’t even supposed to be fun. I’ve never, in my 5 years playing this game, have thought that playing against a certain hero was “fun”.

Bastion, Sym and Doom are trash. Besides lower ranks (which is a matter of skill), most people playing as or against these heroes aren’t really going to talking about enjoyment.

Literally no one in this planet is joining matches with the mindset, “oh wow I really enjoy playing against xyz heroes”. They’re your opponents. When Reaper Death Blossoms, when Sojourn one shots, when Pharah barrages, no one is thinking to themselves how fun these heroes are to play against.

Objectively means factual. This is all your opinion. Speaking from a design and business stand-point, your abilities and ultimates are supposed to feel fun and enjoyable and usually this is going to be at the expense of the enemy team. This idea that both teams in a match will enjoy versing the other is laughable really.

Because when we start balancing around how enemies feel when versing against certain heroes, we get stupid reworks and balance changes that are purely motivated by big content creators whining about versing certain heroes. Mercy’s rework and Moira’s beam changes come to mind.

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I am actually support main and not dps main.

But why should we dps majority of the time when they are called “support” and not “damage”

It probably depends on your level of play. In coordinated environments, supports are more or less as they have always been. In chaotic environments, I would not be surprised if they were genuinely underpowered. That is just my guess. Different realities for different groups. I do not believe the “truth” is somewhere in the middle so much as everyone’s experience is valid in one way or another.

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If your lets say sojourn is fighting a genji and you hit him with some shots while healing sojourn. That is supporting your teammate.

You HAVE to be active in ow2. I can not stress this enough.

But it doesn’t?

Are you suggesting there’s no difference in outcome if a Mercy heals/boosts or GA’s to the wrong ally? Healing/boosting the right ally or GA’ing to the right ally can mean life or death for both her and/or the ally and swing the fight.

If multiple allies are grouped up in the same general direction and one ally in particular needs healing/boost or Mercy needs to GA to a particular ally to escape danger/get in a better position she has to aim to the right ally.

I don’t think either of us can make a conclusion on if the new support is fun to play or fun to play against/alongside at this point.

The cause is all that matters. If you choose not to play a hero because they’re not best fit for the scenario that’s fine, if you don’t play them because you don’t know how that’s fine, if you don’t play them “because grrrrr their design 2 years ago!!” that’s just immature.

It has its queue times influenced by no new content in 3 years & the tank role being not all that fun because of how 6v6 is balanced/designed.

Luckily Overwatch isn’t just a shooter.

Difference is my opinion isn’t claiming that heroes shouldn’t exist because their gameplay doesn’t mostly revolve around aim and relies on other skills instead.

Your opinion limits options, mine doesn’t. In that way, my opinion does mean more.

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I think what he says at the end of the video is interesting, but its ultimately meaningless.

“its okay to have heroes that feed more into the moba side of the game.”

Okay great. What part of OW supports screams moba to you?

Because in every moba that Ive played, in-combat healing is extremely rare. Healing a tank from 1% to 100% hp in a couple seconds is basically unheard of.

A support in a moba GETS KILLS. That literally what they are designed to do. Supports in OW PREVENT KILLS. There is just no comparison.

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Do you even hear yourself talk?

They’re not bad, they’re just lazy and coddled and their job is too easy, lol.

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no they said 2 supports.

thats issue.

and we later learned Echo WAS a support originally.

they basically said echo was too flashy for a support casue of her ult…which would of actually been an extremely unique and powerful support mechanic.

Oh yes, it’s so easy to stop teammates from killing themselves. While also keeping yourself safe.

Their words were more along “we can’t have support, that stops healing during ult” line. They wanted Echo to keep her unique ult, yet believed, that temporary loss of support as result is unacceptable.

Sorry if that will sound toxic, but ppl must be sick in a head if they enjoy ow1 support more than ow2 support. How can you enjoy the passive afk playstyle over high octane gameplay? Supports can do so many things, but you prefer to use it on like 40%? C’mon! Is this forum just that bad?

Yes, it’s more enjoyable that way. Action and “high octane gameplay” are best watched from safe distance. Or through bulletproof window, if there is one.

I don’t know what OW1 you’ve been playing but supports are active.

Did OW2 add mobility options and flanking maneuvers for supports? I’d imagine they will always be back line unless they get powerful movement abilities. Walking around is walking around. Being shot at more just means you hiding behind cover more.

That’s the impression Im getting anyway.

DPS and Tanks had a bunch of new stuff and supports had nothing

Surprise surprise the queue times are bad cause people wanted to try the new stuff

And now the queue times are bad because people believe supports are bad and refuse to adapt

Sadly DPS mains often won’t accept that support requires skill in the form of situational awareness & that the situational awareness varies from hero to hero. Supports have to do everything in the right sequence to win fights; healing when needed, dealing damage when needed and dueling/disrupting when needed. The sequence constantly changes which is why the awareness is so important. If supports only do one thing like heal or deal damage it doesn’t work and yet DPS mains think that is what the role entails and that we should heal and do nothing else.

Even a hero like Bap that feels similar to a DPS requires a ton of work to be successful on if the team is losing because you have to multitask like crazy. The truth is that support is easy to play when your team is stronger than the enemy but the only way to climb is by carrying weaker teams. In OW1 it often felt impossible but in OW2 there is way more potential for carrying which is great. So we need supports to be strong but only if played properly and it looks like the balance is about right. Ana for instance is strong but as a Lucio main I can’t pick her up and play well and that’s a good thing. Only an Ana main will get the maximum value from her kit. Therefore how strong is she really?

Also from looking at the in game stats in OW2 the big disparity in teams is often between the DPS players. So they can certainly still carry too.

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That’s really not much of a consolation though because it means we aren’t getting the first new support until April 9th 2023 :skull:

And then we aren’t getting the second support until August 13 2023