Support potg bug is fixed

This is a quote from patch notes.

  • Fixed an issue where support players were getting incorrect credit for some plays, when determining the play of the game

Does this mean I’m not gonna see Moira throwing an orb then holding m2 every potg anymore?


Correct. Now you will seeing the usual low-effort Genji, Dva and Junkrat POTG’s again.


So you’re saying you prefer watching a Moira do a bit of healing and then throw a damage orb in than a play that actually took some effort?


No, I rather watch something else than Moira and the other usual heroes getting it.

No wait, I rather see the system removed or being optional.

Does this mean we’re back to never seeing Ana POTGs D: It was just the Moira POTGs that were annoying


Ok then just don’t watch POTG all together then?


I’m gonna miss the Ana POTGs


I mean low effort potgs are better than watching low effort from the no effort POV c:

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I’m not against that.

It’s a useless system that never worked properly since day 1 and it only adds time to match seeking. At best is it just ego stroking.

Ok well sure maybe that’s just how you feel about it.

To me it’s a really cool system that shows the highlights and clutch plays of the game for the rest of the team to experience. I really like it and I wish more games would implement something like it.

To be proud of something you did isnt “ego stroking”, it’s just… being human


If you don’t like watching PotG… then don’t. You can leave as soon as the ‘victory’ or ‘defeat’ shows up, and have no penalty. I’d wait for the victory pose to show up just in case, but you don’t have to stay for PotG.

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Sure. But there’s an entire role that doesn’t get that experience you love because the system does not support them.
I don’t know if you’re able to see it from their perspective or not.
It was Moira that was the problem, not the other supports.

If you play DPS this probably never affects you since you have the privilege of being favored by the system.


And this is where the problem lies.

It doesn’t show the actual clutch play.
It shows the moment when a player has managed to get a lot of fire. The gameplay itself could even be not beneficial to their own team.

It’s a faulty system that benefits some heroes more than others, especially those with easy multikill ultimates.

Heroes like ana and Mercy though. Well, suck to play these heroes, because your chances are pretty slim, especially with Ana.

Did you know that you can’t join a new match until the POTG of the previous match has finished? So even if you leave right after the victory message, which I always do btw, do you still have to wait, which is just dandy if you’d ask me.

Really, I wouldn’t mind it being removed, or just have the option to disable it on my client server.

Let me ask you a question.
How many players stay during the POTG?
The times I do stay, which is rarely, is the lobby already pretty empty. Voting cards is not even a thing anymore.


imagine seeking feedback for the work you do!
I mean that’s unheard of - celebrities don’t do it, people don’t flock to social media to look at the number move in reply to their efforts - “Ego stroking” and seeking approval, same thing different words, and ego stroking presumes you can’t be proud of it and share it with people without having something wrong with you -

Das not right at all, must be the other one - while it’s not the pinnacle of self sufficient behavior, most people indulge in it - perhaps some abit too much - but they aren’t ego stroking, that’s just a negative frame for something innocuous.

Unlikely considering genji and junkrat suck and nobody dies to dva bomb anyway.

If i see a 4man Dva bomb potg these days I’m gonna be impressed. If i see a genji getting a big blade without nano I’m impressed. If i see junkrat deleting a bunch of unaware potatoes im impressed at how hard it made me laugh.


I play a lot of each role. Yeah I agree that support could probably do with a bit more plays but all the plays that would come up because of this bug were really… bad.

I really think they need to consider implementing the combo potg system where (using nanoblade as an example) it shows the ana pulling off a Nano then it switches to the Genji’s perspective.


How do you even test that? Queue times are longer than potg takes anyway.

Then I guess we have a different perception of them.

In my opinion are these type of ultimates still pretty cheesy and not worth any praise, unless it involves actual teamwork. That is what I encourage and do like to see.

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POTGs are optional, though; you can quit the match and just not watch them.

I don’t think I’ve watched a POTG that wasn’t mine in years!