Support potg bug is fixed

I don’t think pressing Q is any more effort than the described Moira.

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I would be more impressed seeing an Anna sleeping an ulting enemy mccree and then boosting a teammate who is about to die.

But you don’t see the real clutch moments since people are so easily satisfied by a riptire play.


I didn’t test it.
It’s what the main developer himself said:

Why is this even a thing?

The answer to that isn’t to be biased towards a different role, though.

Blizz is taking a step in the right direction by fixing this bug. Now all they have to do is tweak the system to make the system more fair for everyone.

I feel like the supports should get the “life saver” plays more, for example.

Haha you’re right.

What I actual meant was that I would like to have the option to toggle it off on my end and go straight to the stat page. I should’ve worded it different.

There’s a hilarious YouTube video that you immediately reminded me of. Starts off as Anas potg, then swaps to he-man/genji :joy:

“Fixed a bug where sometimes genku did not get potg”

Looks like we’re back to no support PotGs again, sad :frowning:

It looks like all they did was scale back the assists that contribute to play of the game. Which overall hurts all the support even worse.

They didn’t specifically do it to Moira, like they should have. They just took a sledgehammer to it. They were on the right track they just had to tweak specifics but blizzard has no nuance

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I think genji blades do deserve POTGs though, considering how vulnerable he is during blade.

It’d be unfair to have him blade and get a multi-kill, then the play goes to a brig who threw a repair pack and swung her mace for a second.

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That’s unsurprising. As a tank main, I’ve seen this a lot before.

Nah unless the enemy team is brain dead she would’ve at least had to think about timing and placement. Moira is just damage orb in general direction of enemy team and u get a play

They both were thinking about the placement, and pressing Q is not that impressive. Just say you don’t like Moira and go.

Like I said that’s easily avoidable.
They just have to tweak certain characters individually.

A Genji blade isn’t all that impressive when he’s nano boosted. He’s not risking too much with the beefed up damage reduction and power. Given by the Ana who almost doesn’t even exist.

Genji: “give me my nano boost so I can carry this game for you and make everyone watch me shine”

The game has absolutely horrible player feedback when it comes to playing a support.

I still believe that is also why we have so many DPS players. Play of the game has caused people to think the only impact they can make is when it’s put on the big screen for everybody to have to watch


It is more effort than Moira, since when Dva ults she has to consider the following things:

1.) Will that get kills?

2.) Will I get my mech back before dying

3.) Can the enemy defend against it?

4.) Can my team survive with one less tank in case I die?

Moira can just let a ball go every few seconds. I’d argue that ults deserve more favoritism than cooldown skills.

This makes me wonder if the system even look at heroes individually and theit fire gain instead of the fire gain of the player.

I know mercy has her own algorithm with Rez, but is she the only one?

Nice now you’re just being a dick.

If you legitimately like watching a Moira throw a damage orb that doesn’t even kill anyone, just tags everyone. Over a DVa Bomb that gets a 4K then you are probably just the type of person who plays quick play for 6 hours each day

They don’t look as flashy but I would argue individual cooldowns should deserve more recognition than ultimates that are designed to get the value by pressing Q.
Cooldowns, you can only use once every few seconds so you have to make them count there’s more thought and effort that was put into them. And after the cooldown the rest is just you making decisions and playing the game.

Moira has to think about whether or not that orb should be saved to heal something important. If she wastes an orb, it can cost the entire match.

Good orb management is one of the most distinguishing factors of Moiras kit. And if she chose excellent timing and they had a good payoff, then that’s good her and nothing wrong with it getting POTG.

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I am tired of everyone always comparing the worst Moira moments to the best of someone else, and pretending like it’s a fair comparison.

If you were interested in a fair comparison, you’d compare to just getting de’meched, pressing Q, and getting play for that because someone else did something so she picked up some kills.

But we’re instead comparing a damage orb that doesn’t do literally anything to a bomb that took a lot of thought and effort.

It’s transparent bias and it’s easier to just say “I don’t like Moira” and go then to waste everyone’s time like that. And you’ve made that even more transparent by thinking anyone who likes some Moira’s POTGs must be a lesser player.

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