Support is saved!

Ana sleep CD reduced by 1 sec, Kiriko ult nerfed, and Mercy can now pew pew slightly better.

Crisis averted! Support is back! Watch those queue times CLIMB!

I can really tell the devs put way more effort into the support changes than tank and DPS.

Sorry about your luck tank and DPS players. I know it gets hard when support is showered with all this attention.


I suspect queue times might actually be fine, but matchmaker quality is going to be abysmal.

Kinda depends if they wanna sacrifice speed or quality with the matchmaker.


Tbf, as a Kiriko player, I think the changes to her are good. Mainly the shorter time for suzu to activate and the “auto climb” option for her are HUGE QoL improvements. Also the ult is still good.

But the Mercy player in me… wants just to cry.


Yeah at this point I have 0 faith that they will make any good support decisions moving forward. They might as well just rework all of them into DPS and give everyone COD health regen and call it a day.


kiriko damage wasnt nerfed?

Edited just for you.

Nope, because there is reason to. Its hard to land a headshot and was one of the main selling points.


Surely this will change the support meta, kapp. Lucio and Kiriko dominating? Have one second back on your sleep CD, and 5 extra ammo on Mercy.

Genuinely believe they’re trolling with supp balancing at this point.


why would you need to nerf her damage? landing head shots is ridiculously hard on her, which justifies the 120 dmg.


“Shut up and HEAL!! Oh, excuse me, support…LOLS!!” - Blizzard

Enjoy the wait time DPS.


LOL, what? No it is not, the hitbox is super forgiving, as it is with most projectiles.

Now I can tilt me team 0.15 seconds faster by going battle Mercy. :sunglasses:


Tracer gets higher damage per pellet and her and Genji get increased reload speed after elims

My life as Brig will be so much better now! :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :partying_face:

Thank you Devs :smiling_face: :kissing_closed_eyes: :crazy_face:


All my problems dissipated after mercy got 5+ ammo! I can now pull out the pistol and slay any dps instead of healing :heart_eyes: it’s Glock O Clock B*tches!


who are you talking to? you are replying to something nobody said

Curious as to your logic there.

I don’t think the Support changes are really all that significant. The DPS passive change is probably more meaningful to queue times, but the improvements to Doomfist & implementation of Ramattra would suggest to me that Tank queues are about to rocket to the moon. As much as Sojourn got changed, too, early takes are that she’s not really significantly worse–someone did a little math and showed that her ability to net kills actually went up, just at a more restricted range than before. TBD how she actually does, but I’m not sure it’s going to make anyone suddenly feel way better about her

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Basically they can adjust the matchmaker for speed or quality.

I think they are going to choose speed, while dumpstering quality.


I see, you’re saying that, if we maintained the current quality, queue times would jump, but Blizzard is going to tank match quality to counteract the impact this patch may have on queues.

Guess we’ll see. A lot of people’s experience suggests that match quality isn’t outstanding already, so I’m not sure that would be a smart move by Blizzard

Blizzard: “We want to reduce the amount of CC on none tank heroes so we deleted 90% of OW1 heroes CC, even if it was literally the only thing that hero was known for”.

Also Blizzard: Introduces CC on the first DLC DPS hero in season 1. Gives Zen a CC boop for OW2. Reduces the cooldown of the only hard CC ability outside tank in season 2.


My favourite bit of the Dev notes on Mercy

‘Or even go on the offensive at times. In 5v5 these situations occur much more often’

That was their reasoning and they gave us 5 more bullets…