Summer Games skins we need!

Shirtless Hanzo with glasses
Bikini Torbjorn(we all saw this)/Mermaid Torbjorn
Shirtless Baptiste/Mermaid baptiste
Swimsuit Brigitte
BOB with hawaiian shirt + longhair Ashe as a bonus
Lucioball/Basketball/Someball hammond
Symmetra swimsuit
Mercy lifeguard (damn this fan skin even have a lot of cosplay)
Swimsuit Pharah (with water jetpack)
Shirtless Reyes (HELL YEAH)
Shirtless Young Rein


How could you miss Speedo Roadhog


You guys just want to see skin on your skins and that is absolutely deplorable


It just fits the male fantasy of gaming, you know

Just… mmph Shirtless Roadhog man, what goals


Id like a shirtless aswell then, not with shirt + vest xD


I’m also picturing him with a straw sunhat, but scaled down to the size of the bowler hat he usually wears.


blizz needs to do this

ive wanted this to be a skin for so long
also hoping genji gets something this event


I had to stop at the first one for a moment and just laugh. I approve of all of these, especially shirtless hanzo with glasses, lifeguard Mercy, and hawaiian shirt bob.

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We seriously need beach/summer skins for everyone. Enough of the sports stuff…


They can have 1 or 2. I just wish the summer skins took priority. I wish this game was not launched during an Olympics year.


Olympics have been WAY over with. It made sense for 2016. But these concurrent years… no. And last year was awful. Probably the worst.

I’ll even disagree with that. There’s plenty as there is. I know for myself and many others people want skins that are casual and fun. The Widow and McCree skins were a step in the right direction for this.

If this summer is more badminton, croquet, soccer, and golf…

It’s as if that’s all they think Summer is, when many Sport events are in Fall/Spring.

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Why do all the female heroes have to wear clothes but the male heroes can go shirtless?

I am just trying to compromise, if it were up to me, I would literally delete all the sports skins for fun.

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By Swimsuit I’m sure they mean a bikini/suit variant.

From what I’ve seen of Lifeguard Mercy, she is anything but wearing “clothes” depending on which one you choose. Some are a bikini-like two-piece, some are a red one-piece.

But they’re still being covered up, no matter how poorly. If male heroes don’t need covering up, neither should female heroes.

I mean, if you’re arguing that women should have breast exposed, because men can have their chest exposed… that’s a cultural thing.

Seems far more than a cultural thing when women being covered up is the norm in the majority of games. A women baring her chest will raise the rating of the game (as in PG or MA15+) but when it comes to men baring their chest, nothing happens. Overwatch is a good example of this as it is rated at 12+.

I am disgusted that, speedo Roadhog is not on the list.
Y’all lack taste

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I guess because Video Games has largely been created with the male in mind. The Average man won’t typically care about a shirtless muscular guy in a game fighting people, or whatever. There’s a lot of games with a character like that. It’s even kind of seen as a sense of “strength”.

But the average male gamer would be keen to see a bare-chested woman for obvious reasons. The ratings kind of reflect this. A bare-chested woman will instantly be a matter of sex. Especially in a male-dominated market, which gaming is.

A shirtless man just doesn’t have the same effect as a topless woman in Western society. Can a shirtless man be sexual? Sure. It’s just not often displayed as such in certain media types (especially games).

I don’t mind the guys being shirtless. It’s whatever. If the women and some lads enjoy that, they can do them.

I do mind though this current wave in gaming that woman cannot be seen as attractive anymore. Only strong. Not both. It’s done so much so they resemble men themselves. That’s not an Overwatch thing per say, but a pattern in other media for sure. I’ve had female friends even complain all the females are kind of awful in games like The Division 2 for example.

“Must the women always be hideous?”, they ask.

Blame society from banning women shirtless in public lol.

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