Suggestion to Increase Competitive Points Rewards

Every golden weapon is 3000 Competitive Points.
You currently get 15 CP per win, 5 per tie, 0 per defeat.
You also get CP at the end of every season depending on which rank per role you resides.

There are 31 heroes, so you need 93000 CP in total.
In order to get all the golden weapons you need to be GM on every role for 4 years, for each season.
Otherwise, you need to win 6200 competitive matches. It’s approximately 1500 - 2000 hours of constant competitive matches… excluding queue times. (checking my statistics)

From my point of view, it’s an immense amount of time. I would end up living under a bridge if I wasted all that time. Not kidding.

My suggestion is to AT LEAST increase the rewards in this way:
30 CP per win, 20 per tie, 15 per defeat. (additionally, you can increase to 45 CP per win for tanks, and 35 CP per win for supports)
It still requires 150 matches (with 50% of win-rate kindly offered by MMR-senpai) to get a single golden weapon.

Honestly, it’s still very high even like this, but it’s better than nothing. Most of the people don’t even keep playing comp after the placement matches. They have no motivation (since there’s not even decay).


Sure, i don’t see why it’s such a grind to get a gold gun, especially since the only requirement is to have the points.

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Why are you trying to go for all the golden guns doe :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather they implement a proper tournament mode and award more CP and maybe even OWL points for the highest placing(s).

I flex on every role, so I need at least 10 golden weapons to be a showy boi.

I mean I’ve only peaked at Diamond. Top 500 in CTF and I have 18 gold weapons, more than half way to my 19th.

I also have 56000 coins just sitting there so if I could exchange 10000 for 1000CP or something like that I wouldn’t say no.

you see, the goal isn’t to get every gold gun. You see in other games, take Call of duty for example. In Black ops 3, in order for you to get the specialized camo “dark matter,” you must first get every guns level to the max and unlock every camo. It takes a crazy amount of time, and its meant for the ultra hardcore grinders. In Overwatch, you can play casually for and still have 3-4 gold weapons on the heroes you main. If you were to increase the competitive point per win then it would also drastically decrease the value of having a gold gun. In my opinion even now after almost 4 years of the game release, gold guns are already lesser in value than before. And to lessen the value even more would just kill the drive to wanting to play comp solely for gold guns.

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speak for yourself

nah, i honestly think it should be harder to get gold guns. gold guns should be for good players of that hero. showing that u main that hero and are good.

if i had my choice, i would rather use CP on announcer packs and stuff(if they ever put them in). gold guns are kinda stupid now that everyone has them.

Well I quit in season 12 I think and I have 40,000 competitive points. There were lots of arcade comp mode things.

However I’ve never spent a single point because golden guns are stupid as hell. My suggestion is to add something that isn’t bad looking to spend these points on.

I also have 107,000 credits and every item. Something new to do with those would be nice.

Even with my suggestion, it takes an eternity. (150 comp matches instead of 300 for a single golden weapon)
The current way doesn’t incentive people to play comp anyhow.

Gold weapons are supposed to be an insane achievement to show off, not something you want to unlock for every hero as fast as possible.
Also, if they drastically increased the amount of points you get overall, many people (including me) would be pissed, because all of my current progress would seem worthless.

It shouldn’t. The skin should be removed from comp. You are inviting casuals to a mode that they don’t want to really play.