Suggesting a change to hanzo

To be fair, really, if Hanzo actually kills two people with his primary and storm arrow (with no crits), they probably deserved it. That’s a lot of time that Hanzo can be focused

That’s 475 damage, that can headshot for 950 damage.

If you can’t kill a 200hp target with that much raw firepower, you’re bad at the game.

With no crits it’s 475 damage over something like 3-4 seconds. Even more than that if Hanzo holds onto his arrows for a better shot

Looks like it’s exactly 2.1 seconds, for 1 normal arrow and 5 storm arrows.

And 1 normal arrow + 3 stormarrows would be 1.5 seconds.

Right, something optimal for a non-aggressive target

Optimal for a Winston with a head hitbox the size of the moon, that’s attacking at close range.

Or spamming at a Tracer, where one headshot from any of those 6 arrows will instakill or nearly instakill.

Or taking off 90% of the health of an Orisa barrier as fast as a Roadhog.

That’s one full health tank with a big hitbox. That’s some potential but still, imo, wasted potential. Smaller hitboxes are harder to hit and obviously require some precision, as they are moving/strafing to avoid even primary fire.

Barriers I’m not even remotely worried about. It’s Blizzard’s own fault for nerfing Orisa’s barrier. Hopefully they will revert that mess.

…for making a hero with an instakill be too multipurpose.

Well at least we can agree on something

Per the devs every hero needs a glaring weakness except of course if that hero is Hanzo.

My only question is

Why would we give this to hanzo as well, on top of everything else he can do?

Bad idea.

Barriers are intentionally designed to soak some damage. If Hanzo’s are wasting 10 second cooldowns to shut down barriers, that’s good for you and your team.

Such as?

This change would require more specifics, how fast or slow do you want Hanzo’s projectiles to travel?

Currently they travel 100m/s up from 85m/s or a difference of 15 meters per second.

Originally they traveled 60m/s before they were increased back in 2016.

Several abilities to more damage with shorter cooldowns and less required aim than Storm Arrows.

Because many abilities already do this? Why must Hanzo’s be different?

8 second cooldown, 2 charges, damage range 60-120 with a 3 meter radius, 12 meter knockback.

And then there’s the 80 damage trap that locks movement for 3 seconds has 100 health and eats healthpacks when damaged.

Probably should mention that it’s a lot easier to apply damage with Concussion Mine and it’s knockback effect that it is to apply damage to Storm Arrow (unless it’s a barrier).

This is nothing new to the game, nor is it unique to Hanzo. That’s why barriers exist.

If the counter to Hanzo is barriers, why is he so good against barriers?

In totality, too much, and removing headshots from a precision-based hero isn’t very good design IMO. He should be rewarded for precision.

My preference would be 50 base damage with a 2.5x crit multiplier (for 125 crit damage). This is an important value for a few reasons–while he is still highly rewarded for precision, it greatly weakens his barrier busting, and it also carries a few heroes over some important thresholds. Brigitte goes from taking two Storm Arrow crits to three Storm Arrows to kill minimum (two crits plus one additional). Reinhardt and Winston go from three crits to all five Storm Arrows with a minimum of four crits to kill with Storm Arrows alone. That’s a fairly substantial nerf, particularly given that if Hanzo cannot quickly and effectively dispatch Winston, Winston wins that engagement. Other 250 HP heroes benefit since any healing will require that Hanzo land a third Storm Arrow to kill them even if the first two are crits, thereby increasing their chances of surviving a matchup against him

They should give Hanzo a gas ability where gas comes out of his rear and does damage around him. Even to himself.

He’s not.

1 second passes.
Soldier delivers 200 damage
Junkrat delivers 120 damage.
Tracer delivers 240 damage
Reaper delivers 280 damage
McCree delivers 140 damage
McCree FTH delivers 350 damage
Ashe delivers 160 damage.
Bastion delivers 200 damage
Bastion Sentry delivers 525 damage
Widowmaker delivers 100 damage.
Hanzo delivers 125 damage.

2 seconds pass.
Soldier delivers 400 damage
Junkrat delivers 340 damage
Tracer delivers 420 damage
Reaper delivers 560 damage
McCree delivers 280 damage
McCree FTH reloading…
Ashe delivers 320 damage.
Bastion delivers 400 damage.
Bastion Sentry delivers 1050 damage.
Widowmaker delivers 160 damage.
Hanzo delivers 180 damage.

And so on and so forth… Neither Hanzo nor Widowmaker can make 2 full charged shots in 2 seconds. so they have to fire as soon as possible, lowering their maximum damage output.

This isn’t hard to figure out.

Gas bomb out of Genji’s rear does over 9000 damage. This is a 2 second pass too. A pass of gas to be frank. It isnt hard to figure this out either.

It’s almost as if you typed a lot of words and completely ignored that StormArrow exists.

his primary’s fine my dude apart from the proj speed being a bit too fast

This would come hand in hand with nurfs including reducing normal damage to 50 and potentially removing head shots so he can’t follow up imidiately by bursting down tanks. It gives hanzo more of a niche vs being an all rounder. That’s where I hear most of the complaints