Subtitles just got added on the PTR

Now this is some good update, i wonder what they would put for hammond.

Not all lines seem to have subtitles though.

Some ults like dragonstrike, graviton surge and rocket barrage lines aren’t put in subtitles.
There are more ult lines that share this problem, but those are the only ones i can remember.

thats a big change :smiley: nice!

What is the first line ?

Now an Apex-like communication system would improve ranked games quality so much… especially on non-US servers :slight_smile:

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McCree’s Ult Line “It’s High Noon” hasn’t been done yet. Several of his Emotes are missing captioning. It’s a work in progress, an they even are asking for help with this.

I was literally Just thinking the game needed this not long ago… there’s your 1GB patch, you lose, no Hero 31, no extra fun, good day.

I said, good day sir!

why does LUNA not have a hero?

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sigh, Another full week of waiting in anticipation for Hero 31, fun.

This will be very handy. Hopefully there will be no lag and it will be useful for turning on sombras mid team fight.

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And for the people, who hears only music during the game. :smile:

Let’s hope you can customize what appears in subtitles and what doesn’t.
I don’t need spammed voicelines to clutter my screen like OWL Twitch Chat.

adding content

And dey say-
And dey say-
And dey say-

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Couldn’t that also be an advantage tho? Assuming it works for both teams, you could hear the enemy when they are flanking

IKR … I love the overall character design… a sound-based Omnic character would be a cool idea - sort of a DPS variation of Lucio.

Me being almost completely deaf, I find this to be awsome.

This is great! Maybe that’s why it was much a big patch.

I agree, this is a great update for us that can’t understand and hear things very well.

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It may be quite an disadvantage for Sombra. You can easily miss her acknowledging to everyone that she decloaked, but the text will be visible for some time.