Stuck on loading screen

Hi all, lately i have this issue where i get into a game only to get stuck on the loading screen. I try to press escape to leave the game, that however does not work. It really bugs me. When it kicks me out of the game, the screen just went black, i have to force restart my game. Due to this i already got 2x penalties for leaving comp. The internet does not seem to be the issue as i can use discord without any lag. Even without discord, the issue persists. Can someone please help me.

I am on Pc, windows 10 with gtx960m.
Thanks a lot

What steps have you tried from the troubleshooting provided by the staff? Common Technical Issues and Solutions

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Alrighty,thanks for linking me to the page. I updated my pc and it seems alot better.It turns out not the fault of my internet but somehow my pc? Thank you anyway!

Glad to hear it worked out :slight_smile:

Having problems connecting to America server I was able to connect to Asia and Europe. I reseated router no luck. Release and renew IP and flushed DNS No luck. removed and reinstalled battle net app no luck. I checked my internet speed connection at 250+. Any help is highly appreciated.