Stuck on hero screen in comp

This is XBOX One. I have a video of it I just need help on how to show it. But I was in comp mode, open queue and during the map Temple of Anubis I had a crippling bug. I died right as the first half ended and it switched my viewpoint to the enemy soldier and then made my screen stuck. It would only show his last view point. I could see no movement or anything but game music. After picking a character, no movements happened but I could feel my controller vibrate if I attacked.

I was forced to leave the game and rejoin that match to make it work again. I lost 45 points and my account was penalized. I want my points back, the penalty removed, since it’s not my fault. Please help.

A Replay code (which can be generated in your Career profile replays list) is more useful to post if you have that.

Even with bugs, penalties cannot be reversed. See this topic from Blizzard.

Bumping again oy vey… :frowning: