Stuck at B5 as support

I completed my placements during the b5 bug and have yet to rank up. I have done the “win 7 games” 4/5 times and have yet to see a change. I just won the last 8/7 games and im still b5. Someone help


It’s still bugged. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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Same here, I’ve been performing really well as tank and just went through my 7 wins for the 3rd time now, and I’m still b5…maybe it’s because I didn’t play comp in OW1 but the math of wins/losses doesnt’t add up

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You guys… it’s not like ow1 where you only rank up IF you win… it’s all about performance now which is how it should have been. You need to be getting out and surviving if the fight is lost. You need to have good dmg/healing/blocked damage whichever roll you’re playing and especially supports… you need to save lives - it’s a stat now. It’s not all healing or damage. It’s what turns fights around and if your playing up to the roll your on COMpared to other people at that level. So wether you win or lose it takes all this into account… no more free rides for the people that think they will just rank up if the team wins.

When you haven’t played for long , you don’t have the “boost” like others. You have to constantly win like 7-3 at least to see a rankup in the update. Me and some streamer I saw basicly 7-1 , 7-2 everytime , but the rank only goes up 1 each time. When I got slightly worse like 7-5 , the rank just stays. It’s not about performance at all , the streamer I watch was a 4600+ GM , every match he got double the damage of other dps and after 7-0 still just levels 1 rank. The comp system is just broken , probably like current Heartstone ranking but no win streak bonus

so much lying here, your stats doesnt even matter, gold 2 hard carry support , i still won my 7 required games 3 times and didnt rank up, 7 again and it ranked me DOWN, its so broken its not even funny

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