Stop complainging about brigitte


I’d imagine that it’s easier to tweak DPS than Support because there are 13 (soon to be 14.) others to choose from. Vs the 7 Supports we have (of those 7 only 6 can heal. And we’re well on our way to 6 Healers.)

WIth that said, if any of the supports were sledgehammered like Doomfist, there’d be 5 healers to choose from. 1 of which is just now getting slight buffs. And I honestly don’t believe these will put Ana in line with the other supports unfortunately.


The problem is that by the time Blizz gets nerfs ready for Brigitte her pick rate and win rate will have averaged out. She’s fine right now. all this ranting by the forums will amount to a witch hunt to dumpster a hero…


It’s a decent point.

Although this is counter-intuitive, I’d argue that an OP DPS is usually easier to deal with than an OP healer. There’s tons of great youtube out there of high-end players wrecking aimbotters on s76 or cree - because at least those heroes don’t have massive sustain. You can shut them down with DVa and otherwise focus them into the dirt.

These same high-end players who laugh at the thought of aimbotters despised the Age of Mercy and hate this Brig nonsense even worse. OP killing power is nothing compared to OP mitigation and healing.


Honestly, I was originally in support of Baguette the way she is now. But after finishing placements, this is what I have to show for it.

I feel the nerfs on the PTR and the ones on the way are actually justified. Not to mention that the highest winning streak I’d ever had playing comp was 2 matches in a row with Winston back in S7 or S8 (don’t remember which). I went 7-0 (there was a HLC Game, I played Rein) until I lost my first match at my 8th game then proceeded to lose another after that and won my final game.

I’d never gone 7-0 let alone 3-0 in any of the seasons prior to S10.

Her Mitigation is actually really good, I’ll admit SB was too good. I was a little hesitant about a SB CD nerf. 6 Seconds, might very well be what we need, but it may even make sense to tone it down a little more by going to 7 or 8.

Everything else outside of the nerfs we know of today, is really fine. When I can do 10k healing in a comp match, it actually makes me feel a lot better about 16 HPS.


^ source from where?



I thought ppl are asking more nerf than those in PTR…that’s why they are still complaining.


I’ll admit, I’m not sure where I stand right now. I still have yet to try out PTR. Increasing SB 1 Second may or may not feel different at all.


It would be barely noticeable. I barely notice the 2 cd on hack


Tbf, most hit and run forum posters who are likely contributing to the Brig complaining don’t play the PTR and aren’t on long enough to see the blue posts about Brig.


Don’t you think they should do those things before going to the forums and complaining endlessly? Especially when the new set of nerfs were already announced?


Yes. Therein lies the problem and why there are still complaints. These are minor “nerfs” - it’s like pouring a drop of water on a wildfire.

If Blizzard is going to nerf her this minutely then the complaints will be around for quite some time.


the armor nerf is huge, I am not sure how you think that is minor


I’m not excusing it I’m just supplying an answer as to why it is likely occurring. I don’t really have an opinion on it either way as it’s always like this. Different character, same toon. Used to it by now.


Strawman. That’s not the only complaints that people have, and the other complaints aren’t being answered or barely being answered (ex. 5sec to 6sec)


That is not a strawman. That is part of the nerf that they announced. Many complaints revolve around both shield bash and her insane sustain. The armor reduction by 1/3 is huge and will help to balance the survivability factor. The shield bash cd increase by 1 sec is fine, they want to make sure that it isnt over nerfed like they did to sombra and ana


But still they are not in the game yet (cone didn’t change anything). So yeah, they are complaining.


If we stop complaining, blizzard will think we are fine with brigitte when we actually arent. She is so annoying and am just voicing my opinion that she makes the game unfun.

actual issues are subjective to people. to me the actual issue is brigittes game balance. to another person, it could be hanzos changes. everyone has a different definition of what an actual issue is.

We did that with mercy. Guess what? She ended up being a must pick for 6 months and everytime we were told to wait. changes on PTR are going to be released to live 1 month later, just wait… in the end, it took 6 months to balance mercy


It is a strawman because you intentionally chose the one, single part of the nerf that has the hugest impact, and then emphasized that and only that thus making it seem like the entire nerf was as substantial. It is not. Ergo misrepresentation, ergo strawman. The nerf addresses other issues too but not nearly as significantly. (Which is also why the complaints continue, to go back to your original inquiry, and will continue to do so)

I’m aware of their reasoning, but it’s still a slow approach, and it’s, as I said just above, why the complaints continue. If the problem that people had was enough to be fixed by adding 1 extra second to cd, then it would’ve barely been considered a problem at all.


Yeah, but with mercy, they didn’t communicate anything. Here, they announced that they are already gonna make some changes. Until we see how those changes will affect her strength, we should wait and see. Atleast they said something. When Sombra was nerfed, the only way we found out was by a leak from the pro forums.