Stop comparing heroes to sym

symmetra is proven to be a team reliant character to have impact

same as bastion, same as rein, same as genji etc


you mean the most useless hero in the entire game? he has had the lowest pickrate out of all heroes for years now

Besides,there are heroes who are more self-sufficient and rely on teamwork less. So why can’t all heroes be like that? It’s bad design if you have heroes like that but then also have ones who rely on extreme teamwork to be viable

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theres only one bastion player in GM and shes burnt out of the game
bastion isnt wanted in a usual team unless you’re cornballing

Heroes like Bastion and Sombra are almost never wanted in teams

Another point this brings up: if most heroes are “generalists”,then why do we still have niche “specialist” heroes?

I’d be down for making some heroes more generic if it meant they were as viable as others

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Exactly how I feel about my own hero, and then that terrible day happened to us both and both our queens nerfed!

This couldn’t be anymore wrong, favoritism should never apply to game balancing, it’s this bias stuff that makes the game stale and less balanced.


How long did it take for GOATS to become a thing? For all we know it could’ve been the strat since the beginning. On the other hand, GOATS may not have been as bad as we thought and all it woulda taken is some dedicated practise with some other stuff… :thinking:

It’s more of:

Some hero recently gets nerfed, Mains of hero say stuff like: “This hero is now trash.”

“First time?”


Every hero except for hanzo and widow

I’d rather have sym meta than any meta involving this weeb
Any shimada brother meta is always gonna be toxic as hell besides reputation of majority of toxicity in this game is because of shimada brother players

No she isn’t. Sym players are just loud.

She will always have a fan base because her niche but that fan base is very small.


there’s a difference between wanting a hero to be meta and wanting a hero to be up held to the same standard as other heroes. why is it so unfair to want sym to be able to reasonably and fairly go and get opportunities for her to do her job independently like pretty much all the rest of the damage heroes?

like aside from the “revert to 2.0” community which a lot of us don’t agree with, why is it unfair to want:

  • old temporary 3.0 tp back when we literally had it for years across various metas and it’s been shown to not be OP nor oppressive
  • slightly faster orbs so aiming orbs in midranged or longer actually matters more than luck
  • and a BIT more sustain since her kit is loaded with delays and sustain damage in lower ranges that put her ttk on others much higher than most other heroes.

Yeah true, but also the character should not be the equal to my clock that doesn’t have batteries in it, utterly useless without something else.


Bastion mains: …

Oh wait, its just an empty throne in the F tier dining hall.

I forget what it’s officially called but there exists a tier that describes Bastion’s circumstance:

Normally, the character is Absolute Trash. Having no place in normal gameplay. But when things go right, that same trash character is Unstoppable. They got no buffs, team support or are using any kind of exploit. That one match, everything went their way and they became top player that one time.

That’s where he is, Trash 99% of the time but that 1% he’s Unstoppable.

Also to correct:

Bastion: Boooo-op

That’d be wonderful, but it’ll very likely never happen.

Pick rate doesn’t always translate to popularity - regardless, we don’t use “popularity” as a measuring stick for what should be played, that’s just inane. Also, a lot of people I believe do like her, but don’t play her due to 1) nerfs, and 2) people with this kind of attitude.

Apparent popularity and real popularity are often two different things.

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