Still not agreeing on this

I’ve been pretty vocal about my opinion on leaver penalties so it should come as no surprise I don’t agree with their reasoning. I’m still hearing them act like if we have something happen beyond our control that we’re the bad guys because the rest of the team has to pick up our slack. I understand it when someone solo queues, loses connection, and their team can suffer greatly. But when you’re grouped up with five of your friends and we all agree it wasn’t that big of a deal for us to fight a little differently for a minute while you reconnect, THE TEAM GETS MORE OF A PENALTY FROM HAVING TO WAIT FOR THE SUSPENSION TO BE OVER THAN FROM A FEW BITS OF DAMAGE NOT DEALT. It feels like they expect us to unforgivingly kick the friend from out group and find someone else to avoid waiting rather than stick together as a team.

In reading the ‘FAQ’ there is no mention of the friendship factor, which I believe should be a huge factor in it. I do not solo queue for competitive anymore. I don’t think I ever will again. So the fact that we are all in a group, focusing on helping each other get better SR isn’t factored in tells me they think about the rage quitter’s ‘rights’ more than the honest player who had their game crash for no apparent reason.

Penalties are especially considered for players who group up. If penalties was not applied for those in a group, collusion to quit quickly would become a problem and would result in less matches from being completed.

The purpose of penalizing players with technical issues is to get you to STOP PLAYING the Competitive Mode until you can effectively resolve it. If you need help with that, please post in the technical support forum with details of whatever is causing your crash or disconnection.

Still, Things like the 30s end time after match start are stupid.
I got some games where me or the other one was back in before the 10s runned out! It still canceled game and gave you 50SR punish. I also don’t aggree with the 50SR in first place. It should be 25SR and if it happens again in 7 days, 50 SR.

Other things are: You get disconnect as whole team! AND STILL BLIZZARD IS PUNISHING YOU!!! We got that more often then the real disconnects. And yes, they can find out if it’s their fault or outside of our control. And yes, they can revert SR! It’s just lazy excuses.

The whole focus of the support misdrifted so hard in providing a toxic free game that they got the main reason for toxiness. It’s stupid and Blizzard should start realizing that they failed! And no, i don’t believe that toxicity numbers they said.
Didn’t noticed it a single bit.

BTW; Not everything is toxic just cause the others see it as toxic. The perspective and the reason is as important as the words said. Too often i and others got banned cause we said to toxic poeple that they are toxic, but i litterly got the reply of support that saying toxic to others is toxic.

They even went and said:
“This gamemode is trash” thats toxic for some reason
“WTF” is for some reason toxic too…

The support doesn’T care about toxicity, they just care about not addmitting that they are not perfect.

The ten seconds is not a timer for the player to return, once it triggers the match will cancel. That ten-second countdown is merely advance notice to all remaining players the match will cancel so that they will not freak out after getting kicked to the main menu.

Its not practical for Blizzard to go back on a case by case basis to reverse SR even during times when there is a DDoS attack or a network hub affects hundreds of players. This would also result in bad behavior of attempting to manipulate your rank by playing during a time when there is a reported known issue. Instead that is why we see our displayed SR versus the actual hidden MMR. You can easily recover your SR by continuing to play games and get your SR back in alignment with your hidden MMR.

You are trying to change the subject here and this discusses account actions for violations of the Blizzard Code-of-Conduct, not with the Competitive Leaver System. Sorry but accusing someone of being toxic can be considered abusive chat and you will be actioned appropriately if you show repeating behavior of it. Play nice, Play Fair.

Not true, as Blizzard is abusing it right now for themselves. And about MMR thing, it never worked for me, never works for others. You know that it’s already worth of 1 day.

Again, ignoring the reality. It’s not abusive if you get mistreated before, you guys just make that up. Their is context still.

About the ddos: they don’t need to do that in first hand, but first:

  • Stop cancelation of games in the 30s time. It makes no problem for others.n
  • don’t make the first leave a hard punish, still a punish, but not 50SR instead, 30.

The other things don’t need to get changed, but blizzard has the ability to see which device disconnects. You can actually ask the router. It’s not that impossible. And still in every other regular right system is first not your fault,that’s needing to be proved, but internet games think they need risk different cause they are lazy.

I’m starting to feel like no matter how much of an argument we put up their mind is made up

Stop playing Competitive? Seriously? I get if your game crashed 5 times in a day and you still play comp without doing something about it you are a moron who deserves penalties. But to say just post tech support forums is insulting. Feels like a fix all response. What happens when you DO all you’re supposed to where your game is running perfect, your internet isn’t experiencing any issues, and you get a sudden power outage? According to Blizz that’s your fault as well. Anyone who gets any kind of disconnect in the middle of a comp match is evil incarnate in their eyes, no matter the reason. I know power outages are few and far between, but my point is that we still get penalized for stuff that is beyond our control. WyomingMyst, I usually agree with you on most stuff you’ve posted on the forums, but this I cannot. It feels like the idea of using the reporting system to figure out who’s leaving on purpose and who isn’t to try to keep honest players from being penalized for other’s rulebreaking just won’t even be addressed. It feels like dealing with politics, and I play this game to get AWAY from politics.

as said, if they are too lazy to implement measurments against this discoonects, then atleast make first loss 25-30SR and don’t quit games before 30s went through game. That last one is still unexplained why and stupid.

I strongly feel there needs to be a time for someone to return instead of have it automatically quit even if they return.

I’m not saying I don’t understand that’s how it currently works. I’m saying it needs to be changed so that isn’t how it works. So there’s at least some kind of timeframe someone can return to the match before it quits instead of automatically, “Nope. Someone left within the first few seconds. Nothing anyone can do about it. Your teammate just got a penalty even though they were only gone 10 seconds and got back before the match even started and effected none of the gameplay.”

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