Status Update doesn’t have any solutions!

For players who are unable to log in at all.

Not sure what to do now except wait another 18 hours for the next update. Been trying to get in since launch, no success.

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Well the solution is to wait

They are trying to fix it


I’ve seen more and more people get in, especially on console. It’s moving along

great! I never considered that option. thanks for the insight.


Also when you get in be sure to not get disconnected as it will reset all your progress with waiting.

I entered today at a few hours ago, had some games then had to restart to apply some video graphic settings and now I’ve been with 2000 players ahead of me for about 1 hour… that’s just… ugh

bro seriously? stop being aggressively angry and impatient. they are literally doing everything they can, and i assume you have no knowledge on networking/networking administration/software engineering so you probably don’t understand what a majority of the post even said.
just be freaking happy that they gave us an update and an explanation for the issues we’re having.
ungrateful people who want instant gratification, istg. take a break and walk outside. touch grass.

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Are they into comedy now too?


Well it’s kind of sad that others can play and I’m stuck with LC-208 error on both PC and PS5.


you sound like the aggressive and angry one rn, literally what do you gain from defending them in this situation? the game isnt even playable 36 hours after launch, why would that not be a reason to be annoyed.

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Well yeah, it’s a status update not a list of solutions. Would you prefer silence?

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Yesterday i had a good continuous 5 hours gameplay on PS5 had so much fun but suddenly got disconnected then no luck in getting back in . I have the infamous LC-208 error or whatever hope they fix this soon .

Yep, sure can still not play the game.

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I’m literally so disappointed in the lack of a playable game 24+ hours after launch

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Not even battlefield was this bad ,not cod or halo .And if you know so much why they lying about ddos attack


I mean they explained exactly what they’re doing to solve the problem and why it’s taking so long. There isn’t much else to do except wait.

I will say, I managed to get in yesterday after a lot of waiting. It’s definitely not ideal, but it is getting better.

They said they fixed an issue that is very clearly not fixed, OR they didn’t acknowledge a similar and bigger issue.

We’re talking about the queue and server issues, yeah? They said they have a solution that they’re slowly implementing, not that they completely solved it.

I may have missed something, but the only things they said they fixed were a UI issue around account merging and connectivity issues spurred by account merging.

Everything else is server-side.

I would prefer that they didn’t lie and say that the one bug that’s keeping a majority of players out was resolved according to the status update…it’s not resolved …and if in their eyes it’s resolved then what are they working to fix if they’re saying I’m good to go even though I haven’t gotten in once in 3 days

Yeah you missed where they said it was resolved not that they were working on it