Statistics are broken

Is it just me or my in-game stats changing I had 4000 eliminations and now it’s only saying 1000 buts it’s also with how many hours and deaths and everything with the stats please help

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Nothing we can do. It’s a bug Blizzard needs to fix but first they need to acknowledge it’s an issue.

Posted about this a couple days ago and been keeping track of other similar posts as well.

Same issues has happened to me. I’ve played 30 hours in comp this season, (taking time off due to this issue that’s been on going for a week plus) and it said I’ve only played 16 mins despite how many games I’ve played. Also, no matter how good I do in games I can’t get out of my rank. My account is completely broken and I’ve been trying to have someone look into it. I’m finishing the battlepass but I’m taking the rest of the season off because this issue is infuriating, why would I grind this hard just to see no change in play with hero’s, stats, or rank. It’s a huge problem.

Same here. Liking and posting for visibility