Stacks ruin matchmaking

Give me an infinite amount of avoids that last an unlimited time then.

I don’t believe you when you’d somehow need more than three to never get this type of game. Like it’s gotta be sub 1% of all matches. Probs sub 0.5%.

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There’s more people than just silvers to avoid. And yes, you need more than three. Far more than three.

it already does try to match groups and does a decent job of it tbh

if it got more aggressive then some people just would not find a match

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Not necessarily.

Currently, the matchmaker tries to find 12 players that are roughly the same SR to create a match.

With per role SR matching, you can loosen the overall team SR requirements (as long as both side have a mirror match in the opposing role) and then the matchmaker just needs to find 3 sets of 4 people of various SRs instead of 1 set of 12 of the same SR.

A match with Diamond tanks, silver DPS, and Gold Supports is OK (but not ideal, granted), as long as the opposing team has exactly the same setup.

The devs could also integrate player choice; allow them to specify when they queue up that they want games close to their SR but with a longer potential queue time, or allow a wider team spread for shorter queues.

This could also allows friends to group in comp that have big SR disparities… as long as they queue separate roles to allow the matchmaker to find a fair opponent for each player.

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The matchmaker ruins matchmaking it doesn’t accurately understand all the hardships solo vs stacked players face. Matchmaker needs a deep rework. Stacks from one perspective ruin the game but the matchmaker also seems to intentionally put people at disadvantage and expects them to carry, which is not fair in the least since it can’t possibly know all the factors that go into someone being able to ‘carry’. There’s a lot of factors that go into that like support positioning, ect

By this logic it has to intentionally put a team at a huge advantage which no one seems to agree is the case. The matchmaker isn’t out to get you; it doesn’t care about you any more or any less than anyone else.

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If I could use my 3 avoid slots to avoid every silver I would. But I cycle all 3 slots pretty much every game because there are thousands of silvers Blizzard is determined to put on my teams.

I don’ t know that it’s intentional. Blizzard does not balance across roles. When it has 2 silver/plat groups, it doesn’t care that one has silver tank and the other a plat tank. I’m hoping they also don’t realize statistically the plat tank stack will win the vast percentage of the games, because otherwise yes, they are in fact setting up one team to win and one team to lose.

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Are you in Silver and/or near it? Otherwise you shouldn’t be seeing many Silver players ever. Cuz you cannot just expect to avoid your rank/adjacent one while queuing. If you’re like Plat or higher, I could understand your sentiment.

Most days I barely use 5 avoids after ten hours of gaming; why does everyone here need to avoid so many?

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Did you even read the title of the thread? This is a thread about stacks. If a 1900 groups with a 2700, do you think they’re going in a silver game or a plat game?

Are the 2400 SR players that regularly get these stacks in their games “near silver?”

I shouldn’t have to avoid people 500 SR below me. And yes, they do ruin my games (or give me free wins if they’re support).

2400 is definitely plausible for high silver teammates, yeah. You’re talking like a 500 SR gap ie one rank difference. Gold and Plat would be way more likely but sometimes you’re the high rank in a game of lower ranks. It happens.

To answer your question: most likely a Gold game. 500 SR in a game is not a game-breaking gap. If they are 2001 v 1999 is there a big difference and would you even know without looking at a not-private profile?

Your post never states rank btw. It just says big gaps not the ones you’re experiencing.

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My team having 1900 SR tanks and the other team having 2700 SR tanks IS in fact game breaking. No healer can carry that.

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Of course they can: a 2700 Support can carry that with ease. Are you saying a Plat Roadhog/Rein would not be matched by a Plat Ana or Zen? Or that a Plat Mercy getting way more out of Damage Boost and ult advantage wouldn’t even that out? Not to mention the increased chance of shotcalling?

These things can even out believe it or not. Hell, I’ve had nailbiters as a high Gold Rein with a Diamond support v a Diamond Rein and a high Gold support. And that’s a massive gap on roles as well. I feel like too many folks get defeatist from menus or before the game starts for the most insignificant reasons. View it as a challenge and give it your best. If it fails, go again!

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No, they’re generally matched vs a plat moira/lucio/mercy. Heroes with basically zero carry potential in plat.

If you’re honestly arguing better damage boost can make up for a 2000 SR tank difference, welcome to my ignore list. I already ignored you btw. You can type up that response, but I’ll never see it.

Gold 2000-2499
Diamond 3000-3499
Where is the 2000 difference? Did you mean 1000?
And, yeah, I am arguing that because I’ve seen it done.

A Plat support can match a Plat tank. Like they’re going to play their hero far better and make up for the gap. And, yeah, something like utilizing CDs better on a hero can equalize the gap just like the Plat has over the Golds as is. What else do you think separates the ranks if not skill? That’s just a weird statement to make.

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3 games in a row with the lower ranked tanks. 3 losses in a row. Thanks, Blizzard.

I’d be ok with stacks, as long as I always got to choose which one went on my team. I predict with over 80% accuracy the game results based on stack ranks at the start of my matches. There’s no way Blizzard doesn’t notice the differential. They just don’t care. They think people would rather wait 3 minutes for a guaranteed loss than 5 minutes for a fair game.

Edit: 4th game in a row with lower ranked tanks. Got reamed the first round. Loss 3-1 with FIVE minutes in their time bank. Actually the fault was the other dps in placements though. Great work starting new accounts in high gold even when they play like < 500s, Blizzard. Genius implementation there.

This is incorrect. They DO care. I can’t go into how they care, because It’s complex. But trust me, they do care!