Spring into Action! A Deep Dive into Lifeweaver, Overwatch’s Newest Hero

Spring into Action! A Deep Dive into Lifeweaver, Overwatch’s Newest Hero.

Overwatch’s latest hero dashes into the support lineup with the same warmth and brilliance as his biolight blossoms.

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WOW this looks amazing…

I admit I was sceptical about Overwatch 2 when it first released but seeing how far the game has come now it really does feel like a new game to me…

It’s amazing to see all of the work the team has put into this game which to this date remains my favourite game…

I would love to see the recent April Fools patch as a permanent addition to the arcade… It was clear that a lot of work went into making that mode especially with all of the new voicelines and I unfortunately did not get much time to play it despite appearing to be extremely fun… Please consider this, team 4!



We’ll see, hope you know what you’re doing letting supports cc their own tank

I’m about to throw so freaking hard you guys can’t ban me fast enough.


off topic but if overwatch heroes were pokemon he would 100% be sylveon


Let’s take a look here.


There is definitely gonna be a lot of free accounts pulling teammates every 20 seconds when he launches.


I am concerned about his ability to move an ally to him. That takes agency from the player getting pulled and it seems like in times where it results in death it is going to tick people off SO much. It doesn’t even have to be for trolling, it doesn’t even have to kill you. It could be with the best of intentions and people are still going to hate it. I can easily envision it is going to be such a dangerous ability to have in an environment where people can be toxic and have tilted or think they know how you should play better than you do. I have a friend who always sticks to the cart like his feet were nailed to it instead of focusing on winning the team fight and tries to force everyone to stay on the objective with him and my God, I just know he’s going to use this ability to DRAG people back to the cart and not understand when people start getting toxic about it.

Don’t think I don’t love what this can do when I imagine diving in with Rein or Dva and then having my support give me my exit, the problem is there’s a lot of other things I can imagine about it that are problematic.


I am more concerned with the idea of switching between weapons mid combat if you do not need to heal.

Imagine Mercy without DB (just like many wants), and her just constantly having to switch between glock and staff… That just sounds clunky and miserable to the user.

Also, if this is the hero that we were promised that is “mercy like in play style” then it is swing and a miss. Since Mercy is picked largely for her ability to play without firing bullets at enemies and just focusing on purely supportive play style to enable her teammates.


Hi Blizzard,

I appreciate the transparency of the new hero and your efforts to keep the game new and fresh. However, I have some concerns with the new heroes Life Grip ability. Straight to the point the Life Grip ability needs an accept action condition. The idea of being snatched across the map by a teammate leaves me to feel that what you think is the opportunity for light trolling will de-evolve into full on throwing.

This interaction without the consent of the affect party has the possibility to lead to some serious pain point if Life Grip is in the wrong hands. Having accept interaction would not alter the function of Life Grip, rather it gives the player affect the chance to be aware that there is an available escape route and you have the choice to take. This is a function that is currently in the game with Symmetra’s Teleport and Life Grips should feature the same interaction.

My fear is that if this interaction is put into the game that there will be a lot intentional forcing of teammates off the map. I remember frustrations with Symmetra’s who intentionally place their teleports on the edge of maps troll their teams to fall off the map. It is was easy to avoid being trolled as the next time you saw a Teleport you had the choice to not accept the interaction. If someone gets in their mind that they want to ruin their teammates experiences with Life Grip there will be no way for the affected party to avoid the interaction.

I conclusion here is my petition to you, please add an interaction accept to Life Grip. There is an similar option in the game, Symmetra’s Teleporter, model a similar interaction to Life Grip, trolls exist. Take it form someone who has been negatively affect by them please give me the opportunity to avoid an another negative experience for someone who takes trolling to far.




He can be played passive if heal from range like zen, it will also help to pull teammates.

But I’m not sure his heal numbers will cut it.

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  • Give the “life grip” target a 30-75 HP shield and a confirm option for 2-3 secs.

The shield should give them time to react to the ability. If they don’t accept, the cooldown is reset to like 5 seconds or something, after the initial 2-3 seconds of confirmation time. The shield health needs to be balanced accordingly though.
That said, finally having the power to yoink bad DPS and tanks who have the game-sense of a blind-deaf amoeba back to you to end a lost engagement feels good.

  • Can the tree be teleported?
  • Can you elevate Mei’s Ult with the platform?

There’s so much application for this.
Also, using the Petal Platform beneath B.O.B, a high-nooning Cass.

How to make an ability useless 101…


If balance it for high ranks it would be cancerous in lower ranks… And if we balance it for low ranks it would be useless in high ranks.

Yeah those sounds strong

Sure, but still you are expected to deal damage… That is nothing like Mercy and is clunky with two weapons…

Looking at videos from PTR it is not…

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Wait, I’m sorry, how does giving a reaction time for 2-3 seconds make the ability useless?
I’m genuinely confused. The ability has higher trolling potential than any other as it forces use (unlike original Symm TP), and I can’t really see how there is any other option than giving it a “confirm action” prompt. Which then needs to have some sort of shielding to keep the original intent of the ability, getting your allies safe.
Like, Cass says “Ok, yoink me!” and he goes into a suicidal engagement, where he dives the backline through the enemy team, with Mag Nade and kills a hero, then accepts the yoink and voila.

This I get though. Giving it higher HP for high ranks will make it a ~8 sec CD shield from a support. Lowering the HP will make it useless in high ranks.

Also, curious to see this with Visor and if it can move Pharah upwards (Not that lifting a Pharah will be useful).
A Soldier with Visor who gets caught in an enemy Sigma ult is so dangerous, I can only imagine lifting him on a platform…

Not nearly as strong, but what about Torb’s and Symm’s turret(s)? I know forced movement like the front of the payload or push robot breaks them. But maybe it counts as “riding the payload” so you can life them up? Hardly as impactful as ults.

Situation 1:
teammate is booped in to void. I try to yoink them, but they have to click “confirm” and fall down in to void.

Situation 2:
I see teammate going in 1v5, I try to yoink them to save them and force the regroup, but they do not accept and die any way.

Yeah if this is the case the ability is just glorified “I will give you a taxi from spawn” cool down.

Pharah does not need it, true.

But S76 with high ground on demand could be scary.

Life Grip WILL be abused like sym teleporter was back in the day.

Just wanna let you know so I can say “told you so” later on.

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always “the first” lgbtq character with these companies

always after a scandal when it comes to blizzard

how are those esport wages going, hmm?

Drag Queen OW hero? :thinking:

That was awful. The amount of times i fell in somewhere because my own team was sabotaging. I guess Blizz will never learn.

actually he’s a soy boy. :beans:

I really like the leaf. my bugbear rn is tanks with no vertical mobility being picked on maps with lots of high ground.