Spawn Room Glitch, PS4

I was just with a group, queuing for competitive, and when the skirmish game loaded I got the glitch where my character wouldn’t move.

I didn’t want to leave the group, so I didn’t quit the match, assuming the problem would resolve itself when the proper competitive match loaded.

The problem remained there when the competitive match started, and not wanting to screw my team over by handicapping them with an inactive player, I immediately quit to ensure the match was cancelled.

Now I’ve been penalised 60SR for this glitch, and I want to know how I get it back, seeing as I wasn’t at fault, and if anything I did the sportsmanly thing.

Unfortunately, all game leaves are treated the same, as the client does not detect what happens in each situation. More details here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties