Southeast Asians are heavily underrepresented in video games

Please be the first to represent us Blizzard. We’re practically non-existent in the entirety of the videogame world.


I want a Vietmanese hero badly. Especially since that is the most known country of Southeast Asia because of the Communist threat in the 60s. Maybe that could be apart of their character; being anti-American. I think it would be a really cool idea. It could even create nationalistic rivalry; which is something I’ve always wanted in the game.


im sure there are a lot of mythological and cultural stuff to make a unique south eastern hero :slight_smile:

edit: south ASIAN dmmit

EDIT: south EAST ASIAN dmmmit


A hero from Thailand or the Philippines would be boss.


Sagat .


I can see it now - an ultimate that causes a stampede of gold elephants…


Yea man they need to get on with adding more heroes ! We need at least NrOfCountries * NrOfGenders * NrOfConditions … = 196 * X * Y
X … well … ppl these days seem to think there are infinite genders. Y … infinite, too.

Just make 7 billion heroes and we should have somewhat moderate representation of mankind.


Needs powerful stereotypes for it to be interesting.

Thai - Muai Thai, Ladyboys
Vietnam - someone in a vietnamese farmer hat?..
Philipinies/Malaysia - nothing comes to mind really

Rather than telling “make X nation hero!” - write who will be be and why his identity/stereotype would be interesting.

I can only see a Vietcong soldier for a Vietnam hero. Military fatigues,
a Rice hat, and covered in leaves for an element of suprise. Suprise could be part of his playstyle.

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You could be right. I would rather race be a natural thing though so it feels genuine. I wouldn’t want them to make a hero solely “Because he/she is southeast asian.”


Just like the ~200 other countries in the world.


At least there is ayutthaya is from thailand, but i want new hero

Where is my alcoholic, finnish hero Blizzurd?

Needs to have a terrible english accent too.


Why do people always get triggered with these kinds of discussions? I’m only asking for one hero to represent the entirety of southeast asia. A large area filled with many different countries, cultures, peoples. An area whose people are practically never represented in video games. I’m just asking for one hero. And this upsets people?


I’m not triggered, I simply point out facts. If you look for someone that is triggered, look in the mirror <3


:sleeping: “no u!!!”


Hero concept:

vietnamese female “ninja” aka motorcicle rider in ninja like clothes covering her body and face, who worked as delivery person until Vishkar corporation invested in the local area an bought land for its projects.

From one of their labs established there, a prototype sentient transforming motorcycle was stolen, a fight ensues, and mid destruction she by accident managed to obtain it and the AI recognize her as owner. Thus Vishkar and terrorist who tried to steal it are both hunting her.

Ingame, she rides the motorcicle, able to ride walls and overall having higher movement speed than most. Her basic weapon is metal bat used in melee.

On shift she speeds up rapidly, allowing to cross big distance in short time. She can interupt it by pressing Shift again to “slide”, hitting the enemies in the path.

On E she has Motorcicle weapons ability which leaves firetrain behind her where she rode.

her Ult is “switching modes”, where motorcycle transforms into combat mecha suit that persists until its destroyed.


We requesting heroes based on regional ethnicity now? Alright.

I want an Irish hero. I want him to be STEREOTYPICAL AS HELL BOI.

Option A: Talks about booze and yells a lot. Is a brawler type.

Option B: Is a pretty boy and has a spear. Fights against or is a faerie.

Flavor: Runic stones or tattoos somehow involved.


Those weren’t facts. They were hyperbolic nonsense disguised as facts that you presented to misrepresent the op’s arguments.


Honestly I wish the maps were bigger. I had no idea how much I wanted something like this until you brought it up.

As someone who loves Bancho culture, I’d love to see a character that swings a bat around and rides around on a Motorcycle. Possibly with a crazy Pompadaur.

To make it work in OW maybe the Motorcycle could be an ult. You just hear it Rev up and the character drives through the map and all over the walls, Scraping their bat across the surface causing sparks all over until they take a limited number of swings pummeling the enemy team.

Male and Female Bancho have equally cool design possibilities, and being more “ninja-like” and Vietnamese I guess can still work.