Sound Issues and Disconnections

Ever since the lastest patch, I cannot hear the enemy team at all, and my teams audio is delayed. Oh and Overwatch again just like last year is causing my uptodate not flooded adapter to go hidden and disconnect completely.

I have been through this before, and NONE of the steps Blizzard suggests for solving this issue actually solve it. The only thing that solves it is waiting for the next patch. Which is disappointing because for the second year in a row I wont be able to play the Halloween event.

This is an Overwatch problem NOT mine.

So fix it already.

If you tell me to reset my winsock, or flush dns or reset bios one more time I will just consider every tech support from blizzard gas lighting

This is a known issue, but some players are reporting it has been fixed after a small patch.

Did you even read the full post or just the first sentence?

This is not just a sound issue. Overwatch is causing my Network Adapter which is up to date, to crash. I cant even load into the game with out it crashing. This happened during the Halloween Event last year and your team blamed my computer for the issue, then the following patch it was gone. Honestly you need to fix this. I cannot even play the game I bought, which was playable till the last update. Obviously I am not the only one having issues. And these responses are disappointing to say the least.

I have Rollback my Network Driver, Updated it again. Ipconfig Renew/ Refresh/ flushdns, winsock reset, confirmed power saving turn off was not on, reset Router, reset Bios. I have done all the steps and more. And this is a YOU issue. This happened last year, I filed a ticket, it was never fixed until the next patch after the Halloween Event. But not from Tech Support.

Honestly, this is extremely unprofessional and smells like a class action lawsuit I will gladly take part in to get my money back for a game that every other update prevents me from playing it out of risk to my adapter, until the next patch over a month later.

I have been a Blizzard player since WC2. I have never experienced this many issues with any other game EVER. But this has put a sour taste in mouth with the frequency of the problem and the lack of real acknowledgement by the Blizzard Tech Support staff. Instead I and along with many others are given templated responses to problems that are NEVER actually addressed in any professional manner. I dont know maybe it was when Activision aquired Blizzard, but since then the company’s professionalism and courtesy has been lacking in blantant ways.

If you want to keep acting like this is EA then I will be ending my investments into Blizzard Games in the future.

Keep Gaslighting your customers, it will ensure a long happy career you can be proud of… sense the sarcasm?

Slow your roll. The Tech Support forum is a community-supported effort. I’m a volunteer and fellow player, not an employee of Blizzard. I only offered help on one of the topics you mentioned because it has been resolved according to other reports and my own experience. But just as an FYI: there is no requirement for MVPs to address every concern in your post; and unlike staff, I will not tolerate you berating me. Follow the forum rules and treat people with respect, period.

When your internet goes down, regardless of the trigger, it means that your network drivers or network hardware crashed.
Read more: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #25 by Drakuloth

Edit: You didn’t mention if you tried a cable or an alternative connection which can often resolve or point directly to the issue. When adapters or routers start failing/have too stringent of permissions, games requiring 60 packets and up per second can look like a network flood and your devices will shut themselves down. But Blizzard game clients don’t have system permissions to control network adapters or routers.

If you require staff assistance, you should use the ticketing system again, which is available 24/7.

I am finding solutions out side of the piecemeal solutions provided here from other players experiencing the same thing.

Btw what professional says “slow your roll” you work in Irvine. I purchased a product that I cannot use because of the companies actions not my own. So fix it, stop asking me to be calm while you scam me out of the product I legally purchased.

Btw most homes do no have more than one cable outlet to plug a router into, and it would be unreasonable to think that it is not in a location in the house that is not the living room. So your solution is to move my entire computer into the living room, remove the TV and consoles and TV stand just to plug in my pc, unrealistic. Considering I have played with no issues like this since last october after the last Halloween patch, the common denominator in these problems is the program itself. If it was a hardware or ethernet issue I should see the same problem on other games and I dont. You can google search for my problem and find forum posts going back to 2016 about this exact issue. With different players with different computers and hardware.

Again the common denominator is the Game, which is Blizzards responsibility. Not ours. Please do not approach me like you are some street urchin with this “slow your roll” crap. I purchased a product that for the last 2 years in October every year becomes unplayable till the next patch. Again that is not a hardware issue on my end or an ethernet issue. If it was I would have experienced problems for the other 11 months out of the year. I have over 2 decades of experience with pcs and macs, I have been using Windows since 95. I know how to work my way around ITing my PC.

Btw I am trying a simple solution of changing the channel on my router from 2.4 ghz to 5ghz channel. It seems to have solved the problems other had, and it has not once been mentioned on any forum or solution from tech support. I am going to see if that works or I will have to adjust the packet limits to the blizzard servers on my router. But again not something that is mentioned.

Lastly again this is a Blizzard problem not an individual user problem. Want to know how I know? A quick glance of the Tech Support forums show that there have been serious problems with the latest patch and the switch launch.

But again tell me hows its my hardware… didnt know my computer was so powerful that it messes up other players audio, connections, character models etc…

Again, I am not an employee of Blizzard or any company associated with them, as I clearly stated here.

Good luck with your approach to resolving your issues. I’m out.

I asked for help, and you gave me a generic bs answer. When back in January you helped another player with the exact problem I am having and provided different solutions to the problem. Google exists. You have been unhelpful and had an attitude the entire time. You deserve to be fired or cut off from “helping” Blizzard.

Sorry, LeD, but she didn’t start swinging, you did that. She tried to provide what assistance she could based on the issue she was familiar with at the moment.

Perhaps she did help someone at another time with a similar issue that she didn’t cover here. I’m glad that you seem to have the ability to have 100% recall of all your previous interactions but some of us don’t have that level of recall.

The bottom line, LeD, is she is a player just like you and took time to provide what help she could and you have done nothing but attack and berate her instead of saying the one thing that would be most prudent… Thank you.

We of course want to help as best as we can but not all avenues of assistance will provide what answers you are looking for. Since you appear to have found your answers by looking them up yourself, I think the only use this thread serves is for you to continue to berate someone for having the audacity to try and help you.

If you require further assistance, opening a ticket might be a better option. Good luck.