Sooo... the Hog changes?


Are they coming along nicely? I hope we get updated on this soon if they aren’t coming to PTR for a bit. Thanks!

Contain your hype
(Jeff Kaplan) #2

Hopefully this week.

Contain your hype
Ptr today..... has to be. Guesses on from how many hours from now
Where them Roadhog buffs at
8 hours till ptr if Ptr coming out the same time as Fallout 76 beta
More changes on PTR than Hog?
Yep, overwatch is ruined with the last patch

Damn, that was fast!


Whoa Jeff, slow down

EDIT: Ignore my previous statement it was just a suprise, please give us more pls jeff


Great to hear! Any hints as to what we can expect?


Bet you’ve been waiting for this exact moment. GG jeff GG.


And other hero changes?


PogChamp hog getting buffed YEEEET


Jeff be honest: Does the development team lock you in the basement and only let you out for developer updates?


How do you feel about the state of Doomfist and do you think he’s fine or should get another nerf? Also are you planning to buff all of his counters too?




Great to know, thanks!


aka “the left click+W gang”


Great! Is the team looking at Reaper and Bastion as well?


can we please get any hints on what the changes might be?


I don’t think this thread is about Mercy. Can you not hijack?

I for one am SUPER excited about the Hog getting some love!


slow down?


Hurray \o/


RIP, I don’t think they’ll read it, but GG’s for trying


Anywhere I can read up on these changes?