So...more legendary skins this year than any other year...?

so i take it no competitive lucio ball this year? (since thats like specific to summer games and not anniversary)

Hot damn! It’s like a dream come true to not have to go through that

I am going to guess it is white :smirk:


Is there any link to see what skins they doing and how they look ?

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Thank you for the clarification, again. Maybe people will finally listen and stop spamming nonstop threads “wondering” about new content, when the devs have told them this multiple times already.

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They should function like normal Anniversary loot boxes, with the remixed Legendary skins added to the drop table.


Any chance we could at least have the possibility to buy past blizzcon skins again?
These limited-time event skins coming back doesn’t mean so much to those of us who sticked with the game and completed the challenges the first time they were around…


oaokay I get it now I guess? correct me if I’m wrong. so it’s anniversary event each time there is supposed to be a seasonal event, weekly challenge skins will be skins that were only available during a time limited event and the remix legendaries will be obtainable from lootboxes only.

Andy we need an Ashe and McCree OWL skin, take my money bruv


Skin recolors look nice. Looking forward to seeing what else got a fresh coat of paint in part 2 and 3.

The one thing they always get right is the feeling of disappointment, no surprises here


You all are very fortuanant to have amazing artists there at blizzard.

Food for thought:

Cosmetic skins for 1 dollar each or like 5,000 credits each. Thoughts?

If you asked 100 people in a shopping mall, at random times of the day, each at a random time " if you could borrow 1 dollar for a soda" and walked away. At the end of the day you would have 100 dollars.


I think it’s pretty wildly dishonest to say “You’ll be getting more skins this year than any other year” and then to include literal palette swaps of existing skins in the count.

Like, I’m fine with this, but I dislike that it’s being sold as “new content.”

Normally, we’d get 3 entirely new legendaries plus others. What we’re getting instead now is much less effort. Wish they’d just be honest about that instead of framing it like some big new content drop.


And do we get to buy old skins during this like the Anniversary event? Hope that hasn’t been answered already.

Are these deemed as new 3,000 Credit skins or returning 1,000 Credit skins? :thinking:


I couldn’t agree with this more. They’re not new skins. I’m not sure what the process is to color swap, but it can’t take that long.

The community managers have had a track record lately for stretching the truth.

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Did I miss something? What are you talking about?

Edit: Just looked it up. Doesn’t seem terrible depending how it’s handled. Anyone who’s confused:

Andy can we get another red dva skin? maybe like a red reskin of the scavenger skin? :stuck_out_tongue:

What else would they refer to? These and probably some OWL teams’ skins. Also, did they say “legendary” anywhere? I just remember them talking about skins.

Citation needed. Because, at best, I’d expect OW2 to come out “before December 31st”. And even then, I fully expect it to be just the PvP part than you buy and you get story mode later (because there is no way they’d release PvP for OW1 without 2 being in the shop).