"SOME" rules for Mystery Heroes?

Like, I don’t want perfect teams and perfect matchmaking.
But can we please get some kind of rules for it?
Maximum of 2 of each character, maximum of 3 of each role

I really do enjoy the randomness of the mode and like to play different characters, but at the same time there is nothing more infuriating than playing against a bastion with multiple shields infront and multiple supports behind him while you have 2 torbs, 2 doomfists, 1 sym and 1 sombra
I do like that the worst characters like Bastion can really shine here cause you have no way of reliably countering them, but situations like above, are just frustrating if you go against it from start to finish.

And as I said, I still want randomness, but just at least some regulations.

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Like this?
How to fix Mystery Heroes

With dev response here
How to fix Mystery Heroes

Yes, and I know this post exists, but I wanted to mention the “issue” again as this was in March and we still haven’t gotten anything.

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