Sombra's actual problems and how to fix them

Thank you. My goal is obviously making sombra as useful as other dps heroes without hurting the game and I really believe these are at least worthy of a try!


I don’t play sombra but that video kind of makes me rage

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And hack can be stoped, applying a cooldown on the ability, while sleep can’t, and freeze doesn’t have any cooldown…

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Well I’ve been seeing them for almost 500hrs now in my games

This one would definitely be useful. Since everyone would focus her after she ults

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This is the definition that the game used to show in Tips for offense category

And that is what I’m asking for. What every Sombra player is asking for. people don’t play Sombra cuz she can’t do as much as other dps heroes. Not because she can’t stay invisible forever.

No it wouldn’t! She has a delay between pressing shift and going invis. Almost all heroes can deal 50 damage in that time. Mccree or hanzo body shot. Tracer needs to land only 9 bullets. Also being invis doesn’t really need to be countered since Sombra can’t do ANYTHING while she’s in stealth.

I already explained why. She is the only hero with an initiate ult that can’t follow her own ult.
Zarya can be high charge or mei can wait in cryo till her enemies are frozen and shoot them in the head.
Nano boost gives damage reduction and now 300hp.
This change doesnt buff EMP but Sombra herself.

I’ve played sombra for 500hrs and I can’t even remember my hack being interrupted by a sniper shot! This isn’t even fair to say unintended damage should break hack just because a sniper might see Sombra while hacking and decide to body shot her in hack’s 0.65s cast time to cancel it!


Are there any bug fixes coming with the new patch next Tuesday?

They haven’t said anything about bug fixes so I don’t think so

Because there are no bugs, these are all features :wink:

Well, they definitely are UNWANTED lol

I really think that Sombra will never be a viable DPS…

Every real DPS has a Damage main mecanic :
Bastion has his turret mode , Doomfist has his punch , Genji has his sword/shuriken , Hanzo has his arrows , Junkrat has his bombs , Pharah has her rockets , Widow has her gun , Torbjorn has his turret … and so on.

But Sombra… her main mecanic, the hack, is a support ability. She can’t kill/damage someone with it. She can only make her target weaker.
In fact, the only DPS ability Sombra has is her gun… and her gun’s DPS is quite weak.

So I really think that Sombra should be a support.
Not a healer like Mercy or Ana, but an offensive support, in the same way that Brigitte is a defensive support. She is already picked as a off-DPS/offensive support… Especially before her reworks, when she was used as an EMP-machine.

Here’s some ideas to make her an offensive support :

My aim is to make her both viable and not unfun to play against. Hack is one the most unfun abilities to play against. So making her get EMP charge faster is probably gonna make her an EMP machine again.

Besides, giving healthpacks healing auras like Lucio aura isnt really something that would give her new abilities to use. Everyone will be like “you’re a support! so stop playing the game and hack all the healthpacks for me” which isn’t really fun for sombra.

Turning her into a dps isn’t really impossible IF the devs agree with us! If they accept the fact that this game doesn’t need a “disruptor” or a “scout”

The devs already said they don’t want her to be an other dps hero, she has to be a disrupter and cripple enemys with hacks. And than they say she is to unfun to play gainst so we can’t make her realy annoying :wink:

As I said before, best way to interrupt enemies is by killing them!

Her hack is unfun to play against. Which is why I’m not asking for any buffs to her hack. Just bug fixes

If I would give a change to Sombra it will be the changes the devs made except 75% speed stays and translocator can’t be destroyed along with…

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hey OP,
ive posted the same suggestions for quite a while now.
-sombra gains dmg vs a hacked enemy.
-a dmg threshold before stealth/hack breaks.
-emp gives a form of mitigation or dmg increase.

and many other things that make sense for sombra, but it seems the intent is not to let sombra have any potential killing power on par with tracer/genji/76/mccree/reaper.

she has no burst, no aoe, no free reload and overall slow killing power.

her kit is based around getting into and out of combat, not staying in combat once it starts.

hack is too easy to negate by running away, finding 1 nearby teammate, or simply killing sombra with the enemy’s better default gun.

it feels like the desire is for sombra to fight on the sidelines away from combat as a disabler with supporting damage.

now that more armor is present via Brigitte, sombra has an even more difficult time being a sustained damage source.

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Omg, I love every single suggestion in this post. Especially the 10% damage buff for hacked enemies only for Sombra and the shields after EMP so that she can actually follow up on her own hacks. The decreased spread was a step toward that (following up on her own hacks by actually killing stuff), and your ideas would be a giant leap toward it. I love your other ideas too, just making her generally less fragile. Fantastic. Exactly what she needs imo.


Yes yes and more yes.

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yes, because after you’re hacked, your HP immediately goes to 0… pretty sure being hacked doesn’t stop you from headshotting the sombra.


Thank you. A big step about Sombra bugs is already being taken:

Hopefully we’ll see other changes to her kit soon enough😊

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