Sombra BlizzCon Skin

I know, man. Its cool. But, you know what i meant. Haha.

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Some people only enjoy complaining.

It should be exclusive!
Oh, it wasnt… well, then why the skins this year are not available for everyone?

Blizzard could not design any skin at all. I dont have any ticket, i am thankful that now i can enjoy demon hunter and i am thankful that some people can enjoy the skins of this year.

It was. Later to a response a blizzard employee said it would be available, (which sounded like a slp up, because ALL things for blizzcon have always been exclusive.

The skin also has that letter “b” next to it, indicating an excluvise skin from Blizzcon.

B doesn’t just mean blizzcon. The overwatch origins additions skins have a B next to them. So does the Kerrigan widowmaker skin

They said at the time of last BlizCon that Demon Hunter Sombra would eventually be re-released. You could buy the Virtual Ticket and get it then, or wait till later. But at no point were we deceived about that. They were completely upfront about it.

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Which mean Blizzard exclusive.

Not for Halloween event, which is the pumkin.

No, it wasn’t. Court dismissed!

I don’t remember that. I remember someone on forums asking afterwards, and someone responded they may be available later. Which sounded like a slip.

Read the fine print op .it said the skin would be available later for everybody .now don’t be salty for your own stupidity

Yes blizzard exclusive
Not blizzcon exclusive

You said blizzcon

Yeah, it said that the skin would later be available in the game.

People have been talking about Demon Hunter Sombra for many months now because of this. Some believed that Bliz lied and wouldn’t re-release it because it had been so long. Others – such as me – were perfectly fine buying it with the Virtual Ticket because we loved the skin and didn’t want to wait the unspecified amount of time.

Also, it’s been a comparison to Pink Mercy, because people said if the Demon Hunter would be re-released, Pink Mercy should be too. However, the difference is with the Sombra skin, they SAID it would be re-released, whereas Pink Mercy was under the same limit as other exclusive content.

Yes, beause it was made for Blizzcon.

As I said, the Sombra skin is NOT a Halloween event skin, or it would have the Pumpkin.

That’s the point people are making. Never has a skin been available again with the letter “B”, because they are exclusives.

The reason it has the B over the pumpkin is because it was Originally only obtainable via a ticket. They kept the B because it was there first

but they did update the “how to unlock” text next to the skin

Right, which almost seems like someone “slipped up” and they had to honor it. Otherwise, all the other skins would be available again.

Ya because they had to, since again, sounds like someone slipped up and cant go back on it.

The proof is the fact that no other skin ever has been available again when it as an exclusive, especially from Blizzcon. Including pets etc on other games.

But the others didn’t have a disclaimer that said they would be available later.

I don’t remember seeing a disclaimer. Sorry.

Sorry but that’s on you.

Nope. Im pretty good at reading everything. and at the beginning when the Blizcon exclusives came out, there was nothing there saying specifically that the Sombra skin would be available later.

I saw that statement afterwards, when someone asked. if they updated the disclaimer after that, then I dint see that, because again, I already read everything at the time it all came out.

So no, there was no disclaimer.