Soldier 76 BBQ highlight intro removed?

Oh speaking of my good friend, there he is :slight_smile:

I guess no more bbq for you :frowning:


Interesting. So it’s not just an issue with the hero gallery menu then. Either the actual highlight intro asset was removed for some reason, or something is preventing it from being loaded both in the hero gallery menu and the highlight system.

I think it was a random intro playing.

You and I both know there are some people out there…

My whole thing as a software developer- do they not use git? Did they not see a listing for for 76 would be changed?

What kind of spaghetti code are they working with?


I can’t lie… I, too, thought it was quietly removed due to someone being offended by something. Maybe the beer? Maybe the fact that he’s eating meat?

Did this yesterday. It shows the camera angle of the default highlight intro but your character doesn’t appear. Just shows the name like it would a normal highlight, but your character does not appear, nor does the camera move.

As someone (sarcastically) said in the game when it occurred, “best highlight intro ever”


In case it’s helpful to your investigation:

I have an account that had this highlight intro equipped, and as others have said, it now shows as nothing being equipped in the hero gallery. I played a game as soldier to generate a highlight, and I can confirm that no intro animation loads. It just shows the map background in a static camera view and plays the music.

So, this does not appear to be an issue that is limited to the hero gallery. Something seems to be preventing the asset from being loaded entirely.

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There’s no way the specific hero gallery list is source-controlled so that it would show up so obviously in a git diff. That would mean that they have to manually add every new cosmetic to the hero gallery in-code, which would be a terrible use of dev resources.

The sane way to build it would be for the Hero Gallery to be ignorant of any of the specific cosmetics and simply operate on them as a collection of data with various metadata attributes that determine ordering, rarity, event-affiliation, whether it should be visible if it’s not unlocked, etc. It’s possible that those static assets and metadata are version-controlled separately, and even if they are not, it may not be obvious from a diff what impact a change might have on the hero gallery.

Given that the highlight intro appears neither in the hero gallery nor actual highlights, it seems to me that the issue is that something is preventing the asset and its metadata from loading entirely. Maybe something got corrupted during the build. Maybe there was a behind-the-scenes refactor and this cosmetic got missed in a find/replace. We can’t know for sure, but I’m pretty confident that the issue does not boil down to someone failing to notice that Soldier had one fewer highlight intro in some hard-coded hero gallery entries code file.

Are you suggesting that you’ve worked on a system that’s 8+ years old, running as a live production service for nearly 6 years, that wasn’t full of spaghetti piles? If so, I don’t believe you.

i was here before the vegan hord arrive

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I’m pretty sure this is related to the no pog intro bug.

I had potg and the screen only had the background. No heroes on it at all. I guess I know now because I had the bbq intro set and it didn’t exist anymore

I would not mind, if they replaced that steak with tofu tho :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
(For haters: I love you too)

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No, it wasn’t racist. It is a bug that ended up removing it.

Also, thinking of a “White guy frying a piece of meat” to be considered racist is…a very dumb logic.

It’s considered racist when you think of something very offensive and very stereotypical

PETA folks got to blizzard. Duh.

Nope it’s a very minor

At best.

Ty for keeping us updated

You must not work in the financial industry? Or you never realize why cobalt coders are in high demand?

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COBOL, but i agree with your statement.

From what I’ve heard a versioning system is used that may differ from “industry standards”.

I found a very interesting blog post that doesn’t really answer the question of the topic, but is worth reading for some people anyway.

Every now and then, things happen in games that make absolutely no sense from an outsider’s perspective. It’s a bummer that Blizzard doesn’t have its own developer blog.

oh damn. did twitter find out that an ex blizzard employee liked bbqs and now we cant have bbqs in a videogame. guess cancelculture claims another scalp.

It needs to be more gay. Like more in your face gay.


What? What do ancient bank mainframes running COBOL (not “cobalt”) have to do with anything?

Yeah, they pay people massive salaries to maintain these really old systems, which are obviously piles of spaghetti. If they weren’t, the banks would put that money towards rewriting those systems with modern tools rather than dragging octogenarians out of retirement and paying them a gazillion dollars to keep their creaky old systems running.

And no, I have not written any COBOL. I have, however, worked on old systems written in FORTRAN, which is even older. It was spaghetti.

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