Soldier 76 Highlight Removed

The 2021 Halloween Terror removed the Soldier 76 Summer Highlight where he is cooking and drinking.

Is this a bug or was this on purpose?


This has to be a bug, also gone on my end! What the heck? Give it back blizz!

Hey all,

We’re aware of this issue. It will be addressed in an upcoming update.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I feel your pain since I use this Highlight myself.


I just saw a POTG with it equipped, I think. The highlight intro was literally just his goggles :laughing:

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bap vampire skin from 2019? halloween challenge also missing

Thank you very much!

same. it was grillmaster highlight

You could hear sound from the highlight intro? I can’t hear anything in mine.

I have also disappeared some outstanding play, which I have noticed is the one from this summer as a barbecue soldier