So... Wrecking Ball lore question

For anyone thats interested: Thats the picture op is talking about:

EDIT: And to anser the omnic question. It seems that its actually rather big, comparing it to the rather tall junker queen. So a human could very probably fit inside, even if barely so.


Yeah, this is one of two issues that make me facepalm.

Junkertown is supposed to be this super Omnic-phobic society, but no one ever saw the pilot of a transforming mech that was pwning all their competitions? You’re telling me that “The Champ is an Omnic!” rumors never spread, along with salty losers demanding a face reveal?

P.S.: The other thing that bothers me is the “hitched a ride without Winston knowing” thing. Just… the whole tether attached to Winston’s rocket…the pod falling through reentry and landing in Australia…a super brainy scientist like Winston not noticing the extra weight/mass of his pod…



and Junkrat can be seen in the bottom left definitely!

I’m sure the writers are furiously figuring out how Hammond came up with a clever disguise to fool them.

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I just saw him. With clothes in red and white bands.

hm interesting observation. It does really look like him, considering the hair and espacially the facial structure.

We can theorize that Hog is to his left since you see a thick arm, but that’s about the extent of that guess LOL

Yep! He’s shirtless, has the correct skin tone for the lighting, and the hair looks blond. Unless it was just a cheeky nod, this means that the two have time overlapping within the walls of Junkertown-- so we get neat interactions.

I might be blind, I don’t see him. All I can notice is an extra thicc boi in the middle but he’s not Roadhog.

EDIT: This guy?


Yep! more features to note are his nose and the length of his chin.

I didn’t see him at first but the chin totally caught my attention. Very well could be him

Time for Micheal Chu to step in again!

Junker queen - new hero confirmed.
She now has more lore than


The grey pebble on the 3rd corner of blizzard world has more lore then



A small pebble. Around 2cm diameter. Light grey. On the ground. Blizzard world. 3rd corner from north-east.


So I guess this means the queen has a mech then.

Imma look for it

Aaaaaand, they are supposed to be friends…


Man, already has a lot of lore, and while I would always love more, these jokes are as getting worst, as they spread mis information.

I will agree with that if you can tell me on who’s side is she and which other hero she has any connection with.

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Because that would make too much sense.