So... Wrecking Ball lore question

It was the Junkerqueen, which is kinda the first real look we have of her

i cant believe hammond was the junker queen all along


Are the mech battles like robots that the junkers make? Or are they Mech suits and then the junkers get into the arena and fight? Not sure on that part.
Kind of defeats the purpose of having someone prove they’re the toughest one of all Junkertown only to have a hamster fight for them in the end.

Hammond is the junkertown king.



junkerqueen knows what’s up

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The Queen of Junkertown.

She used her popularity and reputation after becoming the champion of the Scrapyard to take over as the leader of Junkertown.

Generally the mechs are built out of stuff that is in Junkertown and surrounding environs. In Wrecking Ball’s case, it’s scavenged parts that were built around Hammond’s makeshift lunar escape pod (as you can see in his origin story movie).


How come did no one in JT noticed the pilot was a Hamster?


That’s super neat! In one of the images in the trailer, Junkrat can be seen watching Hammond receiving the award from the queen. I have two questions:

  1. How much did their timelines overlap?
  2. Care to spoil any interactions for us? I love the in-game interactions so much. :hamster:

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Mr. Chu, I had a theory that Hammond was sort of working with Bruce when he came to Junkertown. Like, Bruce would let Hammond use his workshop if Hammond would give him his winnings or something from the Scrapyard, and that’s why nobody knows Hammond is a Hamster, they all think it’s Bruce, would that be accurate?


something is telling me that Junker Queen already knows the identity of Wrecking Ball, but she allowed him to play without making his identity public just for fun


Which trailer was this in? I must’ve missed it, I wanna check it out

Wrecking Ball’s Origin Story, the lower left hand corner when the Queen is presenting the crown


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For anyone thats interested: Thats the picture op is talking about:

EDIT: And to anser the omnic question. It seems that its actually rather big, comparing it to the rather tall junker queen. So a human could very probably fit inside, even if barely so.


Yeah, this is one of two issues that make me facepalm.

Junkertown is supposed to be this super Omnic-phobic society, but no one ever saw the pilot of a transforming mech that was pwning all their competitions? You’re telling me that “The Champ is an Omnic!” rumors never spread, along with salty losers demanding a face reveal?

P.S.: The other thing that bothers me is the “hitched a ride without Winston knowing” thing. Just… the whole tether attached to Winston’s rocket…the pod falling through reentry and landing in Australia…a super brainy scientist like Winston not noticing the extra weight/mass of his pod…



and Junkrat can be seen in the bottom left definitely!

I’m sure the writers are furiously figuring out how Hammond came up with a clever disguise to fool them.

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