Blizzard actually REMOVED lore?

Yea, there’s no longer character descriptions, I checked multiple skins like Reyes, Blackwatch Genji, Sparrow, and it doesnt say stuff like “Dva is a professional gamer who-”

They dont have it.

this definitely sounds like a bug

I mean… they did hire a brand new writer :fearful:

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I mean there was no lore to begin with soo…


Maybe it’s common missconception that this game has lore?

(Sorry, i had to make this joke, opportunity was too good to pass.)


Okay everyone! Deep breaths.

We’ll get through this. Just think. About. Halloween event.

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I’m starting to wonder if blizzard is anything more than Jeff, with multiple accounts for everything, running it all from the offices alone, because everyone else left… Trying his hardest to force updates, with his limited knowledge of game design…

We really can’t blame him if he accidentally deletes a few lines of text somewhere.

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You’re right…

thinks about all the ways they can mess up Halloween

Guys guys I’m freaking out again!!


it’s actually a bug fix

the devs always intended that there be no OW lore


yep, just checked…removed.
wasnt good anyway

“We really didn’t think anyone would have wanted to run through the same event mode this year for Halloween… So this year we added in some more cross game emotes, available for purchase on the last two days of the event, and only with a connected Twitch prime account! Have FUN.”


Guys… the lore must’ve just been for marketing purposes…

Alright now Jelly is officially pissed off.

I’m done for lol😂


I can practically feel the polish on this game.

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Can’t wait for them to start “accidentally” Removing heroes, next.


Thank god I’m not the only one. In the release, they were talking about a comic made by Dark Horse (First Strike, I think it was called) Th project was cancel because the “lore” changed. Not a single new about it since.

But we at least have the tweets of Michael Chu about his vacations xD


Yes, better cling to the garbage fest that that is

Hey… hey… I am sure Torb and his wife wanted her… no need to be rude. :thinking:

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A universal scale retcon? Neat!

1 Like bering Starcraft player will be remembered