So why are we massively nerfing Moira again?

Biotic Grasp
Attach angle reduced by 37%

Biotic Orb

Now sticks to enemies when impacting them, instead of piercing through them
Will remain on a stuck player for 3 seconds or until 120 damage is dealt to that player, whichever happens first
Now is destroyed if it hits an enemy barrier


No longer frees Moira or allies from Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux
Cooldown increased from 6s to 8s

Now, it cannot cleanse negative effects or easily allow people to escape Sigma or Zarya ultimates

All I see is tons of nerfbats. Fade can’t cleanse anymore. Fade can’t escape grav of flux anymore. Biotic grasp is harder to hit with. Orb gets blocked by shields, destroys itself and bounces only once from walls. Orb can do max 120dmg to player instead of 200dmg. Orb no longer pierces.

Somebody please explain me how all these massive nerfbats make Moira more fun, impactful, skillful and dynamic? Instead of the other way around.

No the one second fade invulnerability doesn’t do it lmao. It’s already offset by the cooldown nerf. It’s greatly offset by the fact that she doesn’t even cleanse anything anymore. Fade became pointless when Moira and your allies get grilled by dynamite dot anyway.

These changes are not buffs in the slightest, they’re just massive nerfbats disguised as rework.

Problem is, Moira is not overperforming, if anything she’s underperforming.


TBH, I wanna see how she does in the meta with Brig/Bap out of it.

I think that was one of the main reasons she was was weak in GM

The REALLY funny thing, is the original Fade buff was seen as “too strong” yet I never once saw a single player, streamer, or Pro actually manage to make it work properly in an instance that actually mattered to the overall effect of the fight/ game


What good is fade anymore if you can’t cleanse the two overpowered debuffs anymore anyway?

So Moira can’t have escape button any longer and should get yelled at by her team for daring to use fade for herself?

Oh and, grav needs more counterplay, not less. Zen is already nonexistent.

Baptiste wasn’t any sort of factor to Moira on ladder; he’s trash outside of GM, and even there, he’s under preforming for the role/ rank

Ana and Mercy are more competition to Moira than Baptiste ever will be on Ladder

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I meant with Brig. Brig/Moira comps are almost never ran and with Brig out of the meta I bet Moira could be more viable. Her best tank is Rein right now, which is tough, so I think if poke damage is toned down (Widow, Ashe, Cree, Torb), then Rein could be better which means Moira is more viable

This is to each player though. Meaning under the perfect conditions you can actually do 720dmg.

Doubtful it will stay that way, doing 720dmg for a support even with 10 second cooldown is extremely strong. Even if it requires basically a zarya grav.

In all honesty, sounds like a bug to me. It’s probably only meant to attach to a one player at a time and deal 120dmg to that player.

Regardless, one rein shield flick and it’s just gone lol.

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Both Mei and Ashe in the same situations can do 2x as much damage as that

Might be. The patch notes aren’t worded the best.

  • Only deals damage if stuck to a target

  • Deals a constant 60 DPS to all enemies

The first bullet point says only If stuck to a player will it deal dmg. But that doesn’t specifically say it can’t to dmg to others If it gets stuck. So it might be intentional. I think it just means that the dmg lock on only begins If it hits a player.

It’s almost like it was in a non competitive mode for a week, ofc nobody could use it well


Salty silver/bronze Genji players.

Yeah I’m ok with this orb actually. It’s not as crazy as people think because stuff like dynamite exists and isn’t that deadly. It’s mostly just good for ult charge.

You DO know you could set up games in the workshop with the new experimental changes right?

Do you really think top tier players wouldn’t set up scrims to test the changes out?

So salty genji players can deflect new 720dmg skillorb and laugh when her fade no longer cleanses dynamite dot and she burns away like rest of the supports while genji clips her once with shurikens so he can dash away into the sunset and Ryuujin no ken wo kurae helpless Moira in gravs.

In the middle of the owl season? Sure sounds like a good use of time. Even then people didn’t think ana was good for months for example, it takes people time to adapt to new things and get timing and such correct. It’s objective that being able to give your team an unbreakable zarya bubble every 6 seconds would be op, if you argue otherwise even with a 0.8 second delay you’re delusional

i think people are underestimating the fade. Bring the power from her random orby bois to a cleanse which the game needs more of. They can tinker but i love the addition of the actual utility for the character. Buff her heals a bit to compete with bap and youve got a nice hero.

6 second fade with cleanse wasn’t doing much.

8 Second fade without cleanse is nothing more than a gimmick that nerfs moira more than it buffs.


Under those same perfect conditions, Lucio can do 145 per person using rightclick once and then a melee for 4 seconds; 870 damage. It’s not that good when the orb is generally used to only kill one or two people. The entire point of it was to help clear out flank routes that were inside.

I think it’s happening because they want Moira to be tolerated by higher ranks. Remember the fuss on the forums when Bap got his nerfs and people were predicting that Moira would come back into the meta and hurl GMers into Fun Jail?

I don’t know why they’re fixated on slapping this utility onto Fade. It seems like a balancing nightmare, and if they couldn’t tune Brig Repair armour I can’t see them tuning this.