So Tracer got nerfed


Can’t wait for Jukrat’s tire’s damage to be reduced to 300 because of how Large the explosion radius is so it’s less lethal to tank but still lethal to other heroes


Keep dreaming buddy

Junkrat’s tire damage reduced from 600 to 300? Yeah, you really want him to be crap tier again, don’t you?


Just gonna quote myself from another thread:

A while back I was doing some quick and dirty research about Mei’s ult and I compared some average ult kills per 10 minutes, and Tracer was one of the lowest. She gets her ult very frequently, but it doesn’t convert to kills nearly as effectively as most other ults.

Very weird nerf if you ask me. I feel like they want the community to feel like Tracer finally got a nerf without actually nerfing her.


This is more like an Orisa buff, since Orisa is the size of a barn and very easy to stick the pulse bomb on her.

That said, this “nerf” does nothing to address how powerful (and annoying) Tracer can be.


They really wanted Brigitte to hard counter her now if she ults and armours to 400 health she is in no way close to death in my opinion pulse bomb was fine I mean it’s not like they were mainly used for tanks anyway


rip tracer good bye old friend


While it isn’t much of a nerf, 100 less damage means tanks will hopefully die less often when Tracer sticks them. She excels at killing squishies, so they kept her able to do that while also making her less effective against tanks. (Also now Bastion can survive a Pulse Bomb on 5 HP, assuming he isn’t damaged otherwise, which can be regained with Self-Repair or other healing)


will that make bastion a little bit more viable?


So they killed 2 birds with one stone nerfing tracer to indirectly buff bastion as wanted in the forums


this is satire, I don’t want that to happen.

The biggest joke in this “developer comment” is that literally EVERY tank has something to defend themselves against pulse bomb:
Brisa and Roadhog can manage to make pulse bomb deal 200 dmg instead of 400 with their abilities , DVA can matrix, Rein has shield, Zarya too, Winston might be the most vulnerable but I don’t think he needs any kind of buff, even indirectly.


Even people who aren’t tanks can defend themselves

Mei can Iceblock
Reaper can Wraith form
Moira can Fade
Zenyatta can Transcend to a greater existence (though it requires his ult)
Tracer can Recall
And Genji can cry for healing


Yeah super excited for that junkrat nerf you mentioned, anything to get him out of the game is a plus


No no no, this is a great nerf, actually.
When she pulses and kills your tanks by herself, the fight is pretty much lost. Very annoying, much more than her one-clip kills.


Lol, right. Rein can protect himself with his shield? How many tracers are tossing it at the front of a Rein with his barrier up? It isn’t hard to just watch Zarya use her barrier and toss it on after, or even during since it only last 2~ seconds. Dva can DM it? Yeah same Tracer has that happen that’s doing it to a Rein with his barrier up.

The only part you’re right about is that Hog and Orisa have decent counter play to it, but it’s still not hard to just watch and pulse after they pop their CDs to something else.


I’m cool with the nerf because tracer’s kit remains relatively untouched and it does knock her down a bit from being the best damage dealer in all situations but I do find it funny how tanks insist that nothing should be able to burst them down :joy:


I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s their intention. Nerfing her most insignificant aspects.

Perception is reality my friend.


that’s something you can literaly say about any agressive ultimate directed towards a tank: you can just wait until Zarya’s bubble down before using visor, or blade, or DVA bomb, or Tire… And god damn it’s an ultimate that requires getting close to enemies and aiming right, it should be somewhat powerful


Tracer as a character requires you to be fairly close. So you think it should be able to insta kill anyone, especially with how fast it charges? There’s no problem with it being slightly less powerful vs tanks.


Oh, no, Pulse Bomb was nerfed. Now you’ll have to stay another half second to finish off those tanks.


So, you CAN’T kill anymore (AGAIN) a Bastion in sentry or destroy the shield gen/tp with the pulse. Great. Smart.