So the pharah change got reverted right

This change will make Pharah more terrifying in lower elo and almost don’t help her at all in high elo.
Yes, Pharah might need some help, especially to not be utter garbage without Mercy around and less dependable on her (let’s be honest, playing Pharmercy is no fun for the Mercy), but Pharah’s main problems are all the hitscan buffs and her atrocious survivability.
Maybe give her some armour or 50 more hp.

Are these legit? or just an April Fool’s joke?

I mean, thats fine about wanting survivability but this:

isn’t true, since her fire rate was increased when they introduced the splash damage change. Assuming a human-level accuracy, your killing potential is in fact better.

That being said, I think Pharah needs changes that are more complex than this.

100 health 100 shield more independent


You sound like every other person in forums. I think this change is great and possible comps like genji pharah can come back.

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Yes this would help me not die or take half my health gone in .5 seconds as soon as I poke in the air to do simple damage.

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It does not change why she is not viable, it just makes her better if people do not play what makes her not viable. If Pharah/Mercy was ever a serious problem I would go Ashe with a Mercy and even though you 2 shot me I one shot you and you cant heal out of range of my burst.

She is not good and is not going to be good. I actually do not know how to make her good without breaking her. She would need something drastic in terms of a shift in how she plays, but at that point is she still Pharah?

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Nah, this wouldve been fine earlier season’s. But not with all the hitscans buffs, and Ashe got a lot of buffs this card, dvas existence. Have you played pharah recently not on this weeks hero pool solo without a pocket? Its hell.

Don’t pop the champagne yet, it’s on the experimental tab. Which might or might not be implemented.

For instance, the last experimental tab implemented most of the changes, but not all of them. For instance, BOB is still vulnerable to sleep.

It looks like the Experimental tab is replacing a certain part of PTR, but it’s by no means a guarantee to go live like PTR is.

The thing is, literally no survivability buff she could get would prevent Mercy from synergizing well with her. Shield health? Just means a Pharmercy is less weak to poke damage. Armor? Extra health? Mercy is still the best healer to pair with her, and the only one to consistently stay with Pharah in the air.

Any buff to Pharah is a buff to Pharmercy, not a replacement for it.

i’ve said it before, i think she needs to be more mobile but i think being able to sit in the sky indefinitly has to go as a response to it.

but this change was atleast one of the things on the wishlist.
the others i was thinking about was making her rockets have more self-knockback so she could possibly rocket jump as a trade for health if she wanted to instead of relying on the jet ability or her jetpack.

i mean it’s a lot faster than slowly jetboosting to places and it would free up her concussive blast to use it for more offensive or defensive actions other than self-movement.
but yeah…

i’m kinda guilty for wanting her to be a rocket jumping quake character :stuck_out_tongue:

Armour would be bad. Shields would be fine. Shields only regen health. They don’t increase health or reduce sustained damaged.

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Yes, that one is though.
I can also not come up with a nerf to the combo without really nerfing Mercy. (Mercy doesn’t need nerfs)

McCree, Widowmaker, and Ashe are all burst hitscan and most kill Pharah fairly quick as is. Shield health only regens if you don’t get hit in I think 2 seconds? She’d still need healing mid-combat.

Yeah. But she could be more independent and take poke damage.

This is likely not an April Fool’s experimental mode. You’d expect a lot more goofier stuff than this, like Mercy getting some kind of multi-rez again. It’d be hilarious if they did.

armour would be bad, since it makes Mercy even MORE important to have hanging off her (to keep her in the armored area of health)

Shields would work. It would make here more independant.

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and the explosion radius is lower still

i think that now is the worst moment to buff pharah. especially on dmg… because echo will be on the live server soon and i want to see what will happen with the meta… i dont want see 3 flying heros every single match… “echo + mercy + pharah”.

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Exactly, personally, damage was never an issue since I can hit my 2 directs easy. But her other issues remain hidden in the shadows by blizzard.