So the devs are looking into CC. Do you think they should be looking at mobility as well?

A lot of players have been complaining about having too much CC in Overwatch.
But some players also complain about having too many mobility in the game. This was especially noticeable during the dive meta.

Do you think mobility should be looked at as well?


I think they should look into bringing more counter-play to “Q spam” and bad ult economy. At the moment, to me, it seems to be a bit too forgiving to just blow all your ults at once and win, especially on KOTH and 2CP. :blush:

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Not really. At most, I would want Genji to maybe not have like 4 mobility passives.


I think map geometry is a large culprit in the prevalence of mobility.

On heroes like, I don’t feel like mobility is inherently overpowered, but rather a necessary tool for her to function as a hero. She would be completely dead without it. Same for Mercy.

Overall, I don’t feel mobility is too strong. The problem occurs when mobility dps heroes become extremely versatile, and essentially allows for full on mobility comps where everyone can keep up with fast moving tanks. Tracer comes to mind.

First post, and the attempted Mercy hijacking has already begun. You’re faster than usual, aren’t you?

LOL, no. They are fans of the “sick playz” by the Genjis and Tracers.


The entire reason CC has gotten to this point is because mobility was already at that same level. It was incredibly apparent when playing a support like Ana or Zen while being dove by a combination of Genji, Tracer, DVa and/or Winston.

I don’t disagree with looking at CC, but if they begin addressing CC as a whole, it’s almost guaranteed they will end up doing the same thing with mobility.

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I also want to note that this is something I am concerned with as well. The return of Dive. Maybe lessening mobility will prevent this, but then again I would ask… was that not the point of CC in the first place? I would wonder then what the solution would be to stop mobility without also introducing more CC… (unless of course it would involve outright nerfing mobile heroes themselves) Quite the dilemma. :thinking:

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I’ll more mobility over more CC anyways

They won’t look at it, we’ll have months of dive again and you’re going to like it.