So queue times are getting worse

What is the plan everyone?

Obviously we need the support players queuing, and it’s been obvious that it was going to be a problem in 5v5 from before the beta happened.

People kept saying “just wait till the beta” then “just wait till the support hero was released” etc.

Well, here we are… trying to fix a problem we could see a mile off. So, peeps who kept saying “now is not the time to look for solutions” you are out of road.

What solutions do people have?


“All we need is another support”


Yes, the one new support every second season until the DPS players heads explode trick. While I am sure they will try to say that to kick the can down the road, when it is a year in, and they have no new DPS, I am sure they will start to have second thoughts about it.


We could start by not having horrendous monetization that makes people want to go play other video games where they aren’t treated like actual garbage. That might help, just a thought.


Just wait for OW3 to come out, where we will have 4v4 1 super tank, 1 super support, & 2 DPS


Limit of 1 support character and then buff the pants off support. That’s what they did to fix the tank queue and that worked :rofl:


“Kiriko will fix everything and make people want to queue support”
me: No it’s just a temporary solution

also not only that, new players are forced into playing either Mercy (whose not that great rn) Lucio and Moira lol and most of their heroes on other roles are also locked, and I guess people don’t wanna spend so much time playing games to unlock heroes over time, when they should be unlocked from the get go in QP for them to try out…


I’m not sure what kind of support you would need when it would have to be able to fight off 3 flankers.


The players can start by not taking out their life problems on support characters. Maybe then more people would be willing to try the role.


Mandatory requirement to do 10 games a day as support to complete the battlepass. :rofl:


300 HP Moira with more damage and healing? :sunglasses: ok bring it

looking forward to OW3 watch out Nani :rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Eyyyy someone knows what’s up.

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It’s not just the support issues though. There’s a whole bunch of things that are contributing to the current queue state, and there really isn’t much anyone can do but wait.

Wait to see if the monetisation scheme works or flops.
Wait to see if they address balance as they promised.
Wait to see if they address the major bugs and issues.
Wait to see if they start polishing the things that do work properly.


I’ll put that in the bucket with I’d like a unicorn as well, if there is one going.

I mean, yes, it would work, but it isn’t going to happen :slight_smile:

Not the different in queue times in roles though.

  1. Doesn’t help - effects all roles equally.
  2. What bugs are having the support not queue?
  3. The supports are not “unpolished”
  4. That would help a little sure.

But again… It isn’t lack of overall players, it is a lack of people willing to queue support. It is NOT a lack of overall players.

I can tell you what won’t help, which is waiting around for the problem to get worse.


What I’m getting at is that all of those things are contributing to people’s overall perception of the game and reinforcing our negative views on the state of supports.

Like, if everything else was great and the state of support play was the only negative, support queues would be better than they are. It’d still be a bottleneck, but it wouldn’t be as bad as it is.

I’m not entirely sure about that. We’re only a week in and I’m already regularly seeing the same names in my matches.


What are they like in comp? I only play QP and they seem pretty fast to me.

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Well, between the fact that they don’t give anything new to the support and the devs dedicate themselves to killing Mercy , and a popular hero (the worst support on OW2), well there you have the result, I said it, sooner or later it was going to happen, now OW Team, reap your harvested fruits.


You can test it easily.

1.If it is a lack of players, then the bottlenecked queue times will ALSO go up.
2. If it is an unbalance numbers of players in roles, then the other queue times go up.

Currently we are seeing 2. so it isn’t a lack of overall players.

If you queue support, you get fast games - which wouldn’t happen if it is a lack of overall players.


The DPS and support queues are almost identical for me and both have been slowly but surely climbing. Tanks have a longer queue, but that’s to be expected right now.


As a tank main I hate that I barely get to play tank anymore thanks to the queue time :smiling_face_with_tear: