So my power flickers.. and

Citation needed, because this is not factual.


How is it not factual? Thats what happens…u lose x amount of sr for leaving then IF u come back and perform well u can gain or even end up geting 0 sr…most likly u will lose sr…but thats not the point.

It’s not factual because you can’t prove it. Correlation is not causation and there is nothing official you can quote from blizzard to corroborate this.

The only system that exists is a 2 minute timer after you DC/leave a match. If you rejoin within that window you gain/lose SR normally. If you take longer than those 2 minutes, you are suspended and penalized whether you rejoin or not.

Performance has zero to do with it after 2 minutes. Once that window closes, you lose 50 sr and get suspended even if you turn into a pro player.


dumbasses dont get the point is I already knew what would happen. Im asking how it makes any sense.

It makes sense because you took longer than 2 minutes to get back. That’s the cutoff.

U seem to have a point. All i can find is Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties from bliz. They use to have more on it but even the jeff post that refrenced in that blue thread is gone. If by what u say is true what is the point in returning to the gamr if u get no reward for it?

For me it’s to at least give my team a shot at winning despite my absence causing damage.

If you mean what do you, personally, stand to gain from it, then nothing. Depends on why you play.

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So u or i might come back due to honor…but thats not how most of the ow comunity is. So there is no real reward for coming back. That is contrary to what i was told by a coach long ago when i was seeking help to improve. But eh…we cant change it o well i guess

That’s why most people are not mentally or emotionally equipped for competitive or team environments. They do it anyway because they feel entitled to it, and the result is this community.

Overwatch is one of the worst gaming communities in the world simply because the game is so accessible and 98% of the people who play the game shouldn’t be.

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wow u ignant

first of the highest sr you can get is like 80

secondly all your gains is reset upon returning and in a match that is supposed to be even you have no chance regardless of rank

None of this is factual.


“ThIs CoMeNt iS diFfErEnT fRoM mY OpInIon sO It’S fAcTuAlLy wRonG”

heres the thing i’ve had the servers drop me because my internet is fine and overwatch was the only thing that dropped, when I returned any of the stats I had at the start of the match are gone, it doesn’t keep any of it so in what drugs do you take to believe it keeps SR

No, i mean it is literally not factual. No opinion necessary. There is no evidence to support your post.

Correlation is not causation. If it’s factual, prove it. You can prove your stats wipe. You cannot prove your SR wipes.


Play a game and leave and come back, if you won’t do something that simple then it just shows your pathetic attempt at discrediting without evidence

There’s nothing to discredit. You’ve provided no evidence for your claims.

Insults aren’t arguments, sorry.


So you find getting called on your bs insulting?

Psychological projection is a powerful drug.


If you leave but come back and win I believe there should no penalty otherwise what’s the point coming back in the first place especially if it’s out of your control.

You don’t get a penalty if you return within 2 minutes. Anything beyond that is a huge amount of harm done to your team’s ability to win.

If your motivations are reward for yourself, then there is no reason to come back after 2 minutes. If your motivations are team based, then coming back at least gives them a chance to not suffer for your absence, if a small one.

And since there is no way to differentiate between a genuine leave and a DC, they are punished the same, so it being out of your control is not a factor.


Funny because Overwatch is literally the only game that can’t seem to tell the difference yet a decade old game has no trouble knowing if the internet drops, the server drops them due to an error, or they disconnect naturally.