So. Lets talk about the Pink Mercy skin

An observation. Don’t we already have two non fomo pink mercy skins? Sugar Plum Mercy and Soeblim? Both have pink ribbons kind of like the breast cancer awarness skin and have pink colors. Yea it doesn’t have unique spell effects, but they both like pretty good. Plus sugar plum mercy’s outfit sparkles!

so … you … think people should stop asking for it because there’s a couple of skins with… stuff kinda like certain elements on it?


Well no. However I am not sure if they can legally release the old pink mercy skin since they said that it would be only temporary and never coming back after release. Wouldn’t it be fraud if they did that? They could however probably release a similar skin that also looks great or has elements of the old one.

Why do people care so much about video game skins? Who do people think they’re impressing? This has to be a low point for the human race.


I think people should stop asking for it anyways


They didn’t say never. Anywhere. It said “limited time”. Which means that the availability cannot be all the time.

If they sold something and said that about it yes. But 1. they didn’t say that. 2. It was a gift for a donation
so theres LOTS of wiggle room there.

at this point I just want them to do another charity AT ALL.

I don’t see what someone asking for something detracts from your personal well being. People act like every day we have 10+ threads… but really it’s more like once every couple weeks. I will admit it’s been a little more frequent lately… but that’s because they’re bringing back all kinds of stuff.

People like to look certain ways, even if they can’t see it. It’s a valuable perspective to understand that sometimes people do things for themselves and not others. For instance many people wear makeup because they like how it looks, not because they know other people like how it looks.


It’s a video game. You’re not trying to attract a partner.


That was exactly my point yo. Looking a certain way is not always about how OTHERS see you or being attractive. It’s about looking how you want because you like it.

Your comment is exactly why some people get all possessive when they see their partner get made-up to go out by themselves or with people that are not them. They don’t understand it’s because their partner just wants to look a certain way, NOT because they’re trying to attract someone else.


The only way the enemy team wants you to look is dead. No one is looking at the skin you have on when they’re trying to kill you.

People should spend more time trying to get good at the game than sitting in the hero gallery looking at skins.


You’re welcome to your opinion and yeah, nobody is probably paying attention to what you look like. But that’s just like real life anyway.

The thing is … one last time… that people like to know they look a certain way and that value makes skins worth it to them. I get you can’t seem to wrap your head around that and that’s fine, it’s probably not something you personally find any worth in. But that’s why.

Go ahead and feel superior if that helps you get through your day, but keep in mind someone out there probably thinks your priorities are just as silly and frivolous. Why is being good at a game more important? … it’s not really… no more important than what your character looks like.

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[So. Lets not talk about the Pink Mercy skin and Say we did]

There, I fixed that for you.


Because when you play a team based game you aren’t just playing for your own SR. Literally no one cares what skin you have on. Not a single person. All people are focused on is winning a match. This isn’t The Sims.

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Yup… you don’t get it.

That’s fine. Please continue having a wonderful existence and an awesome day.

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It doesn’t affect me, same as it doesn’t affect them

It’s a criminal waste of hopium

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Hopium and Copium are the most abundant resources we’ve ever had. The amounts of copium issuing from the internet are , minute by minute, enough for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

I prefer a well-dressed team personally. I think it’s good for morale, and that wins games.


Well to be fair sometimes when I see enemy team members in certain skins I do feel and act different ways. Its usually just minor things. Like heh. Interesting.

If you ask 99% of this forum they’ll tell you that the level 27 smurfs wearing the generic skins are what wins games :joy:

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That makes it all the worse!

this was never stated

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I for example dont care about in game achievements or their resulting sprays, but many folks do. I dont mind that they do - they like different things than I do, and thats fine

to each their own

I believe that if folks want this skin, they should keep asking for it.

Out of sight is out of mind, and continuous discussion of this topic keeps it “in mind”

further, I think this is the absolute perfect place to have such discussions, given that this is a forum specifically for discussion of Overwatch-related topics, and this is an Overwatch-related topic

once a player purchases the rights to play this game, they have a right to spend as much time as they wish in any part of the game

if they wish to spend some of their time looking at skins, that is their right

as I stated earlier, this is the perfect place to talk about this subject, and further, it should be talked about


actually, the person who selected the skin in question may well care greatly about what skin they have on

I know of no valid data to support this claim

Please point us to it, otherwise this is simply an entirely unsupported opinion