So is it time for #DeleteLucio?

Rein, Zarya and Lucio see a lot of play in GOATS:
:sleeping: and Brigitte gets picked here and there:


Did GOATs exist before Brig? That’s literally all you need to think about. GOATs doesn’t work without Lucio, but any deathball doesn’t without him. But sure, nerf him so we can get back to Dive.

3 Tank definitely existed before Brig.


3 tank isn’t goats, so not sure how this is relevant.

Would GOATS exist without Rein? Would GOATs exist without Lucio?

I don’t think so.

3 Tank isn’t GOATS, but GOATS is 3 Tank.

Is from before Brig went live and they didn’t know what her impact would.

I don’t know why this simple thing is so hard for you to comprehend. All the other heroes who are a part of GOATs existed before, yet there was no GOATS. Suddenly Brig comes a long and it does, so for the comp to be as effective as it is and to dominate the META, clearly Brig is hero that’s responsible.

GOATS is 3-3.

It feels like people are scapeGOATSing, Brigitte :wink:

So what? Are you just upset it’s 3-3 and would be happy with some other 3 Tank configuration?

Or maybe Brig is just as important to GOATs as any other GOATs hero? I mean, you said it yourself for Lucio:

So lets say Brig was always in the game, but Lucio was just added. GOATs would become meta, obviously. Is Lucio the sole enabler of GOATs because before his addition, there was no GOATs?

No, I’m still trying to figure out why you keep bringing 3 tanks up when it’s irrelevant to the discussion.

It kind of already did though. In fact it was worse. It was Ana and Lucio and 4 tanks, usually Rein Zarya D.Va and one of the other 2. Lucio always enabled tank play like that, and Ana was so overpowered at release she created 2 metas just by herself.

She got nerfed and Mercy got buffed and so dps were viable again.

The problem is the tanks in this game. They do almost as much damage as a DPS and their high health lets them stay in battle longer making up for any dps deficiency. Combine that with the ability to sustain them and increase their mobility and you have a deathball composition which already existed before the team GOATS made theirs 3-3.

GOATS was already a thing, its just that one team brought it into notoriety.

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Instead of gutting heroes and making healing stacking with 2 healers worse we could still just force 2-2-2 and nobody would shed a tear.

It’s not irrelevant at all. If those 3 Tanks didn’t have the synergy that they do, then you wouldn’t see GOATS because it wouldn’t be worth playing 3 Tanks, whether it’s with 1, 2 or 3 Support.

Yet the comp didn’t exist before Brig did.

If Lucio didn’t exist, deathball would not have been a thing to begin with. Have you ever put the slightest bit of thought into why Brigitte is necessary to the comp?

Mercy cannot exist in GOATS. Having to stay in the brawl like that without being able to contribute in damage at all while the othr team runs a mirror goats would destroy her. Mercy is only meta when DPS are meta because she enables them so well. Mercy cannot exist in a deathball setup where everyone is grouped up and she cannot use her mobility to escape on top of not being able to dps and heal at the same time.

Rein, Zarya and aren’t even the stables of GOATS, it was originally but it has evolved to where you can replace all of them or some of them depending on what’s required.

3 tanks 1 dps 2 healers is not OP. just dive them.

4 tanks and 2 healers is not OP. just dive them.

2 tanks, 1 dps, 3 healers is OP. as long as one of those healers is brigitte.

3-3 is definitely OP. as long as one of the healers is brigitte.

hell, 1 tank, 2 dps, 3 healers is probably OP as long as there is a brigitte. I havent seen it but I bet

get it?

brig is OP.

Because in theory it is just that. The ability to sustain AoE healing is one of the main problems of GOATS when it comes to DPS heroes, every bit of damage done can be erased with little effort.

Brig is NOT a secondary support, she’s just there for the AoE + burst healing. And what class of heroes benefits the most from sustained healing + burst if needed? Tanks. Then you have DM to erase incoming damage, Grav + Bomb for either team wipes or specific picks and if all else fails, there’s Shatter.

Other metas that used to rely on Speed Boost with 3+ tanks had problems with sustained healing, Brig covers that.

Add diminishing returns to AoE healing and GOATS pickrate is likely to go down.

It used to be quadruple tank and was way worse when ana was overpowered.