So i guess the devs are listening

To who though?

I find it a bit fishy these changes only started to occur the moment OWL began. Not pointing fingers, just saying its pretty coincidental.

Considering the amount of things in this game that are similar to what I suggested previously, I would hope this is true.

if they really were listening, they would’ve given symmetra a buff to her health, improved the QoL for her turrets, and fixed her teleporter, her primary fire levels up faster now… cool but will she even live long enough for her potential to be fufilled like any other dps? will her teleporter actually counter a grav combo? no

They called it a comic so I will, it shows that what ever OP was posting about was him complaining about stuff that has been addressed in some way or is coming soon.

So it means OWL isn’t responsible for any lack of content? OH WOW, the scapegoat is gone.

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I’ve always known that they were listening. Every now and then you find a locked thread, and you can only imagine what went down in there. You also see threads that they comment on, and often times it’s a very unassuming thread that wouldn’t normally get that much attention. They also have those “Forum moderator” edits on an original post if the poster gets out of hand. This usually happens with naming and shaming, or masking inappropriate language.

Well I say to the devs what Cell said to Piccolo in abridged.
“Well good for you you’re wrong”.
They can call it a comic all they want but it doesn’t make it so.
I agree it was just complaints though, but I still do not feel custom games really counts.

After a year of us Junkrat mains saying that he needed a nerf of his ult charge, and many unnecessary nerfs that didn’t address the issue directly, they nerf his ult charge.

I’d say they’re deaf.

“I’m not like you, I’M A REAL MAN” b**wjob princess

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Not sure how you managed to misinterpret that.

It means its still sucking most of the attention. How come we haven’t gotten anything new leading up to season 2 of OWL? It might not be at fault, but its pretty damn coincidental.

I think they realized they overbuffed Junkrat. That’s one thing. I’m just glad they read the feedback before ending PTR.

you can’t overbuff heroes or the become broken. I’ve seen Reapers escape Gold and make it to Masters with just the 50% life steal for example. How funny that is despite Reaper still being terrible at certain things. They managed to use something that was overbuffed to escape their ELO,

Just picture what would have happened if Junkrat was still 140 damage with the same ult charge he has on live server? He would get ult too fast and win team fights nearly every single time.

OWL just kicked off, right now it is getting the most attention from blizzard all year with maybe the exception of the grandfinals.

My point being that OWL really isn’t at fault itself, but I think twitch chat actually maybe more directly a reason for it, the number fluctuations for every map but Busan (quad dps map) and their constant groan let out when they were about to run dps but went with goats might be a more direct line to the DEVs than the forums.

Maybe its the casters who see it and talk to some devs, or even their own employees who are seeing those twitch chat groans.

But overall I don’t think these changes are cause of OWL, heck they are gunna throw every OWL team through 10 loops to find a new meta.

At this point, thanks to the team.
For trying to make the meta better for everyone.
Especially for the dps players that watch owl.

Since the fancy command center( and I really love it) dps heroes doesn’t have much screen time where you actually could watch them.

Not sure if any of these changes makes it to owl, but i think they said it should be basically live patch, to some degree. Would be nice addition between the stages imho. Pro’s adapt too, mostly faster than the others.

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True, a lot of these changes seem unrelated to GOATs

I’m just lowkey still salty that Sombra had gotten a nerf without a PTR a year back

Oh the hack nerf because it would finish even if interrupted?

I think they should have waited before letting that version of her hit live in the first place.

PvE - Not the game.
Game Modes - They dont even have balanced heros.
Expansion - Lol, fix this game!
Comic - Not the game.

if they can buff Brigitte by giving her SB one less second on cooldown, I’ll be convinced Jeff is the greatest team of devs in HIstory.

I personally ,feel the devs have listened to me though, I made post after post about them needing to move tanks and supports away from projectiles and into more true FPS mechanics, and we got Wrecking Ball, and Baptiste.

I think they are waiting to make surr goats is dead first

I’m locking this topic since its purpose is solely to incite unrest and troll.

Topics like these aren’t constructive to the community.